10 rustic living room ideas that use stone

10 rustic living room ideas that use stone

The living room is usually the most important room of the home. Its usually the biggest and also the place where you usually spend most of your free time, either alone or with your family or guests. The living room dcor is very important so here are some ideas that you can use to create a unique and inviting interior design.

One way of obtaining an inviting and also elegant living room is by going with a rustic look. Stone walls are always great and they look really good in the living room. When including stone in your dcor youll also want to dilute that cold look with something cozy and warm and this includes both texture and color. Αlso, wood furntirue would also be a great choice.

You can use stone of fake stone for the walls or just for some particular areas like the fireplace for example or the stairway. Fireplaces are one of the most common and most beautiful decorations when it comes to living rooms. They really help create that warm and cozy atmosphere you desired.

If you want to obtain a more dramatic dcor for your living room it would be really helpful if you had high ceilings. This way you can add some long curtains to the windows and if you also choose the right pendant or chandelier everything is so much easier. Αs for the colors, brown is a very common choice and it goes really well with the rustic−vintage look.{pics from site}

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