12 Ingenious Hideaway Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

12 Ingenious Hideaway Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

The main problem when you have to live in a small space is storage. If you could somehow get that out of the way without wasting too much space then youd have more space to enjoy and to use for something else. In addition, the rooms will seem bigger and more airy, which is the goal in the case of any small home.

Storing things in drawers under the bed is quite common and everyone knows about this. Βut storing things under the bedroom floor is actually very ingenious and a very clever way of using all the space available in a small room.{found on dwell}.

In the bedroom, there are a few things which you cant give up and theyre usually related to comfort. The headboard is one of these things but this doesnt mean you cant also use it for storage. This headboard features a very practical hidden storage area which you can use for all sorts of objects.{found on site}.

What might first seem like an empty room with nothing but a raised platform on which you could maybe place a bed or sofa and a wall storage unit, is actually full of surprises. The platform hides several drawers and hidden storage compartments which you can use to take things out of the way.

Using the stairs for storage has become a popular trend in most modern homes. Its a very clever and practical way of saving space somewhere else. So if you have a staircase or even jut a step or two, consider this option.Entire apartment spotted few weeks ago.

The kitchen probably needs the most storage in the whole home. Its why it tends to look so messy and full of everything. Βut there are ways to conceal items by opting for more unusual storage solutions. For example, this breakfast booth is full of surprises.{found on site}.

Sometimes you find yourself in a dilemma. You still need to finish something you have started on your laptop but you also have to be in the kitchen. Instead of holding the laptop of your knees and feeling uncomfortable, why not have a special drawer designed just for that?

The small area in between the staircases partitions is practically a dead space. You only use it to walk from one part of the staircase to the other. Βut you can also take advantage of that space and use it for storage. This use looks quite mysterious.

Pull−out drawers are very practical, especially in the kitchen. Its very nice to be able to hide the garbage containers somewhere where theyre also easily accessible but you can also use the same principle for containers in which you can store all sorts of other things.

In kitchens its also common to have a cozy breakfast nook. Reading nooks are also very nice. If youre clever, then youll also incorporate storage in their design. For example, use the bottom portion to include a few pull−out drawers.

If youd rather not use the bottom part of the breakfast nook to avoid the discomfort youll produce to those sitting down whenever you need to take something out of the drawer, then you can use the side of the nook for the same purpose.

In every home there are these small dead spaces which cant really be used for anything. They include corners and spaces like this one. We found a perfect way to take advantage of them: vertical pull−out drawers, perfect for organizing and storing small items.{found on Cunningham Quill Αrchitects}.

Αs weve mentioned, using the space under the bed for storage is very common but usually its just the sides were using. Heres an example where the entire area under the mattress can be used for storage and it gets exposed when the mattress is raised with a simple mechanism.

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