12 Of The Most Unique Shower/Window Curtains

12 Of The Most Unique Shower/Window Curtains

Shower curtains, as well as window curtains, are dcor details that complete a house, that give it character and that can change the atmosphere in a room. There are lots of styles that you can explore and choose from. For example, you may want to add a fun touch to your house by choosing a more playful design or you can focus on the functionality of the curtain. Either way, dont forget to be creative. Here are some unique curtain designs that you can use as inspiration.

The bloody shower curtain will surely add a unique touch to your bathrooms design. Its fun and surprising at the same time and its definitely something your guests will remember. The simplicity of the design and the symbolism are enough to make this curtain stand out and become unique.Αvailable for 8.99.

If you want to add a green touch to your bathroom, this curtain can surely help. The colors sued are refreshing and simple and the curtain also an eco−friendly touch. It would look nice a bathroom with a dcor thats also simple, maybe featuring the same colors. Αvailable for $55.00.

Designed after a famous movie scene, this shower curtain will probably give you chills the first few times you see it. Give your guests a scare. It they know how to appreciate a good joke theyll laugh about it and admit its a cool idea. Αvailable for $24.98.

Give yourself something to look at and analyze while youre taking a shower or a bath. This reproduction of the London underground system is unusual but its also unique. It would look nice in a themed dcor, preferably in a modern or contemporary bathroom. Αvailable for $29.00.

Combine elements from different domains and opt for a shower curtain that’s more than it lets you see at first sight. The ΑSCII shower curtain features a beautiful design inspired by nature but, on a closer look, its also visible that it has been inspired by more than that.

For the windows, heres a design that’s both interesting and functional. The curtain features a black background with small perforated holes that creates the image of the city seen at night. Its a nice way of gaining some shade in a stylish and unique way. Found on site.

Surround yourself in a curtain of rye straws, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of nature. this curtain is actually a tri−part screen made of resin and acrylic with which you can explore all sorts of forms and shapes.Found on site.

Not everyone gets to visit all the placed they would want to see but you can still dream about them and let your imagination get you there. These curtains are a nice way of complementing a themed dcor or of adding an exotic touch to your bathroom. They represent famous cities and destinations around the world. The collection includes several unique models, each charming in its own way. Each curtain measures 72x72. Use the curtain as a reminder of a beautiful destination youve already visited or as something to inspire you for your next trip. Can be purchased online here at a price of $29.

For those that like chemistry we have a special design. This is a curtain measuring the periodic table of elements printed on it. Its something you might want to buy for yourself if youre passionate about this domain but its also something that would make a nice gift for someone.

Those that have pets know how messy it can be to give them a shower. Even cute pets that dont mind taking a shower can be messy when they start to shake and to splash you with water and shampoo, turning your bathroom into a disaster. Well, this curtain was designed especially for pet owners and its meant to allow you to take care of your pets hygiene while also protecting you from unwanted accidents. Αvailable for 6.9$.

Heres another fun shower curtain. Its something you and your guests will get a kick out of and it has a simple and very explicit design that can fit in any bathroom dcor without any problem. It can also be a fun gift for a friend but make sure they appreciate the joke.

Those that want to personalize their bathrooms can also opt for shower curtains that can feature a picture of their choice. Choose the picture and it will be printed on the curtain. Its simple and it allows you to choose the design you want for your bathroom. Αvailable on site.

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