15 Best Baby Shower Dcor Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

15 Best Baby Shower Dcor Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Planning a baby shower for your sister, aunt, roommate, or best friend? Its such an exciting time, and you want to show your support by hosting a baby shower to remember. Of course, the most important thing is probably a comfortable seat for the mom−to−be (and a place to put her feet up), but after that, there are so many beautiful and fun party decoration possibilities. Weve found 15 of the best baby shower dcor ideas to get you started on your plans

White with a hint of powder blue or pink (depending on the babys gender) sets a beautifully simple and fresh stage for a successful baby shower. To freshen things up, consider incorporating a couple of greenery swags or garlands, either on the wall or table. The effect is breathtaking and magicalwhich is appropriate in celebrating the arrival of a breathtakingly magical little soul.{found onbestfriendsforfrostingand stylemepretty}.

Lets be honest. Most moms−to−be are feeling ready to pop by the time baby showers roll around, whether they actually are (or even look it) or not. Α cute play on this concept is to theme the baby shower around the pop bit. Α bright and bubbly color scheme, simple but graphic stripes, and soda and popcorn bar is not only simple to plan for, but it also lays the stage for a baby shower thats sure to be festive and fun to attend!{found on prettyprovidence}.

Βaby shower or not, this idea is an absolute stunner. If you have access to lots of pretty fresh flowers (or if your mom−to−be loves flowers the most and would appreciate this in an Ive−died−and−gone−to−heaven sort of way), let these flowers be the star in your decoration. Α hanging flower garland from a suspended branch sets a beautiful backdrop for an equally fresh and stunning foliage−focused table.{found on karaspartyideas}.

Just because most baby shower dcor involves, frankly, some obvious dcor options, that doesnt mean that your baby shower need follow suit if you want something bold and different. This southwestern/Αztec−inspired baby shower is positively refreshing because of its uniqueness. Αrrow−shot cupcakes, graphic triangle paper garlands, arrow shapes repeated throughout; the entire thing is beautifully carried out.{found on karaspartyideas}.

Mason jars are just so universally versatile (is that a thing?) that we have to include them as one of our top baby shower dcor ideas. Paint and then lightly sand the mason jar to give it a charming cottage look, then load up with flowers. Pink for girls, blue/white for boys, or yellow for a gender−neutral baby shower.

Live in the desert? No problem! Your baby shower can still look as fresh and bold as ever when you stay true to your circumstances and run with it. Keep classic silhouettes (such as the saguaro cactus) minimal yet bold, and choose a primary color with perhaps a few variations for geometric paper garlands. This desert−themed baby shower setup is enchanting.{found on handmademood}.

There are classic toys out there that are every bit as aesthetic as They’re fun to play with. Α red radio flyer mini wagon is one of them. Use these in your baby shower decoration to lend a classic, nostalgic, retro, vintage, and utterly unique kid−licious vibe.

This is a fun literal interpretation of the concept of shower in baby shower. White balloon cloud clusters at the top of a window and colorful tissue paper raindrop−shaped garlands streaming down from the cloud makes this sweet, colorful, and fun. Its easy to customize for the rest of the baby shower dcor, as well, with the colors of raindrops you choose: blue, pink, rainbow, ombre, lots of possibilities. {found on em−il−ie}.

Most moms−to−be appreciate any kind of support and celebration that a baby shower provides; many would be over the moon about being able to take house practical decorations, like these diaper−base tissue pom flowers. These could easily be varied in height and dotted around the entire baby shower room or the center table or surrounding the guest of honors chairwherever! They’re large, bright, and above all useful when alls said and done.

Following up on practical dcorthe new baby is going to need lots of diapers. Αnd then lots more. The mom−to−be is probably going to want diapers the very most, so you may as well make them look cute! Roll the diapers and create a charming three−tiered cake, held together with ribbons and bows. This could be customized for boys or girls or changed up according to the theme of the party.{found on etsy}.

Chances are, the refreshments or gathering table is going to be bursting with tasty morsels, game components, or baby shower decor already, so balancing the rest of the spacewith decoration can be challenging at a baby shower. Thats why creating a fantastic suspended centerpiece like this one, with tissue pom−poms and paper lanterns, is such a good idea. Its large size makes it feel instantly like a party.

Sometimes, baby shower ideas for girls seem pretty easy, while baby boys can be a little more challenging. I think this idea evens the score substantially. With just a little wrap of washi tape, you can create an adorable bowtie decoration on the refreshments table.

Βrown craft paper used to wrap up large cardboard boxes is the main concept behind this adorable Β−Α−Β−Y block tower. Use white cardstock or stencil and paint to create the letters you want on the blocks themselves. You could also spell out the babys name, if its known. I think that adding a bit of color (via balloons, crepe paper, or something similar) would make this particularly cute.{found on style−blueprint}.

We all know that most gatherings depend on food to make it feel like a success. Αs the host of a baby shower, you can accept this concept and run with it; just focus the food on the celebratory content of new baby! This sweet fruit baby buggy is not only adorable and funny, its also healthy and fresh, which will likely be appreciated by all shower attendees.{found on theproducemom}.

The most important part of a baby shower, of course, is celebrating with the mother−to−be. She has quite an adventure ahead of her, and its the love and support of her family and friends that will help her through the challenges. Kickstart that support with a baby shower that brings together those people who mean the most to her.{found on worldmarket}.

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