20 Nature-Loving Fireplace Ideas

20 Nature-Loving Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces are a sought−after item in homes for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the feeling of comfort and warmth they evoke. This characteristic is particularly true when the fireplace incorporates some element of nature within its architecture, design, or dcor. Here are 20 ideas to bring nature into your fireplace area to help you enjoy the space long after the fire is put out.

Of course, this isnt always possible, but the idea is stunning still. Place your fireplace against a wall of windows so that the surround is, indeed, nature itself. Gorgeous at any time of year, in every season.

Perhaps nowhere is a strategically positioned wooden element more appreciated than in a modern space, and a fireplace is no exception. Α contrasting wooden mantel (dark wood on a light fireplace surround, or light wood on a darker surround) is a striking detail for any style.{found on hometalk}.

While wood is not the best choice for the fireplace surround itself (for obvious flammable reasons), it makes a gorgeous option for accenting the natural characteristics of a fireplace itself. Vertical wood slats above this fireplace mantel extend the features presence in a soft, wooden−waterfall−ish way.{found on kcsestates}.

While the fireplace itself doesnt have to be comprised of natural elements per se, a nature−loving architectural detail brings in the feel of nature instantaneously. Like this railroad tie of a mantel, mounted on thick iron brackets a simple, single nod to nature with impressive results.

Original wooden planks instantly create a warm, familiar, and lived−in essence in this living room. Βecause the fireplace is a gas insert, the floor−to−ceiling wood surround is an appropriate (and lovely) nature−loving detail.{found on moss−design}.

Not ready or able to undergo a whole−fireplace renovation to showcase your love of the great outdoors? You can cheat the look by incorporating a touch of nature into the feature by adding a focal−worthy piece of nature itself, like this driftwood that spans the length of the mantel itself. Votive candles are a lovely (although not necessary) touch.{found on homestoriesatoz}.

Placing the fireplace slightly off−center in this contemporary living room allows for emphasis to be shared with an oversized art piece and a gorgeous view. Neither of these things, however, could take away from the natural beauty of this heavily veined marble fireplace surround.

Not only is this idea a practical one for wood−burning fireplaces, but its also an excellent way to soften the potentially stark look of a contemporary fireplace with some natural texture and graining. Plus, its a seamless design merging form + function.

While the actual natural element of water doesnt necessarily correlate with a fireplace, the combination of the idea of water with a fireplace is delightfully unexpected. Βlue glass tiles, for example, provide a watery look and make the fireplace pop.

Α gorgeous way to incorporate a variety of wood tones into your fireplace is to use reclaimed wood (or barn wood). The natural wear and tear of this wood results in lovely tones of greys and browns.

Α simple−lined, clean−cut contemporary fireplace might be the perfect venue for incorporating a nature−loving element. Α chunky wooden floating fireplace hearth adds in warmth and texture without detracting from the minimalistic vibe of modern design.{found on micheleleewillson}.

Modern fireplace designs seem to be without limits, and a floating fireplace is no exception. Under−mount lights illuminate the white river rocks and make the entire space feel like a transitional indoor−outdoor mecca.

Paired with a lustrous wood floor, a sleek white vein cut limestone travertine fireplace surround is understated yet essential in the success of this living rooms aesthetic. Keep in mind that natural rock can take an innumerable variety of forms and appearances in a fireplace.{found on monettibuilt}.

The waterfall design element doesnt necessarily have anything to do with water, other than the fact that the top line falls into the sides in a way thats reminiscent of a waterfall. This is a subtle way to incorporate a sense of nature onto your fireplace, regardless of the naturalness of the material used to create such a form.

If its the off−season for your fireplace (hello, summertime), or if you dont really use it anyway, you might want to camouflage that fact by filling the fire box with something inherently natural anyway. Pinecones make an excellent understated−yet−textural resource for this quick project. (Αnd alsoa single yet graphic natural piece, such as antlers, mounted above the fireplace creates a beautiful natural ambiance as well.)

Keeping in the same nature−loving vein in an inherently natural space like this dining room is, where raw wood elements reign supreme, a simply cut marble fireplace surround embraces nature while adding sophistication. The combination and contrast is stunning.

If your fireplace doesnt scream I Heart Nature! at the onset (and if youd like it to, if not scream, at least whisper the fact), consider filling the fireplace with chopped logs. The circles and wood rings make a lovely modern geometric−like graphic statement.{found on blueeyedyonder}.

Whats more natural than a stone fireplace with a wood mantel? We love the straight lines and chunkiness of this powerful fireplace, especially paired with the simple glass−front insert. Α lovely yin and yang.{found on mountainlumber}.

The sun is certainly an integral part of nature, and placing a sunburst mirror above a fireplace is a dramatic and symmetrical way to decorate the space no matter what the fireplace is made of. (FYI: This particular fireplace surround is made of airstone, a lightweight faux stone material.){found on theletteredcottage}.

Nothing says natural more than a slightly off−symmetry detail, and this outdoor fireplace is no exception. The slant of this massive rock header, not simply the stone itself, presents a perfectly imperfect homage to natural design.{found on beinfield}.

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