21 Dining room design ideas for your home

21 Dining room design ideas for your home

Α formal dining room is a room that only the luxurious houses have. Αs its naming says, this room is not made for daily or colloquial use, but for special, official events. Still being a dining room, it’s necessarily furnished with a long dining table and the afferent seats. In here you can have an official business meeting or a very important familial one, you can receive guests or you can celebrate at special events and holydays.

There are plenty designs for a formal dining room, depending on the owners taste and style. However there are some constants that must be present in any dining room. For starters, the table should usually gather six chairs, more or less, depending on the space. However, the room reserved for this purpose should be able to offer enough space because no one wants to eat in a cloister space. Αll the furniture from the formal dining room should be high quality and even luxurious. Most often the furniture is made from different types of high quality wood. There are some modern formal dining rooms, but most of them are more classical, closer to an official style.

Something youll always see in a formal dining room is an elegant opulent chandelier, made to attract the attention over the table. The walls are usual painted in pastel or calm colors, not too audacious or too shocking, almost neutral, so they can please everyone. Βecause in this room arent other objects to attract de view, we often observe classy large paintings.

The carpet and the cupboard are optional, but they must be classy designed and made of high quality materials. The room needs also to be well lighted both with natural and artificial light. Whatever design you choose, you should always keep in mind that the interior design influences the mood of your guests.{all pics from decorati}.

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