22 Decorative Door Stops That Add Cheer To Your Homes Dcor

22 Decorative Door Stops That Add Cheer To Your Homes Dcor

Door stops are very useful as they prevent doors from damaging nearby walls or opening too far. They are commonly used to hold doors open or to keep them closed. They come in many designs, shapes, sized and colors and they are usually thin objects that go unnoticed. Βut what if they didnt? What if you were to have a small but eye−catching door stopper that would add cheer to your homes dcor? Then it would be a decorative door stop with a double function and it would have to look something like this:


This is the Twistopper decorative door stopper and its a small door stop featuring asymmetrical ends. It fits in any variety of spaces and gaps. Its sold in sets of two, one with a red finish and one in black.Αvailable for 15.

This one would be a nice gift for someone that likes golf and anything related to it. The Golfers Doorstop comes with a plastic golf ball and it measures 6 3/8 inches L x 2 7/8 inches at widest by 1 inch at highest point. The doorstop is also made of plastic.{found on btrl}.

This is the Ooob doorstop, an ergonomic and very simple object that can also be used as a bookend or for a variety of other purposes, making it a multifunctional item. It has a very simple design and it weighs around 1.2 kg. Its available in mango, black, grey, red and pink.Αvailable for 20.

The Leaf door stop is perfect for an autumnal interior dcor. Offered by Qualy, it looks just like a leaf. Its made of rubber and comes in autumnal colors. Its efficient and its also eye−catching, looking like a leaf that got blown into the home.Αvailable for 14$.

What could be more suggestive than a doorstop that actually says stop? This door stopper is made from silicone rubber and its very efficient thanks to its big grip footprint so no door is too heavy for it to hold it open.Αvailable for 10.

The Tube door stop, as is name suggests, is shaped like a tube. Its small as it only measures 4 in length but its shape makes it very efficient. Its available in black, carrot, min and mustard as well as in a limited stock of green tea, brown and purple. The door stop is made of soft silicone.Αvailable for 29$.

This is the Champagne Cork Doorstop and its actually made from solid cork from Portugal. It has the text Grand Vin De Champagne written around the top and it can also serve as a bookend, foot rest or even as a tiny stool.Found on site.

The Free Weight Doorstop also has an interesting design. It looks like a vintage lead weight and its made from weighted aluminum, iron and concrete with a zinc finish. It also has a rope handle and the words Door and Stop written on the sides.Found on site.

This doorstop has a fun and playful design. Its shaped just like a paper airplane that seems to have gotten stuck under the door. The door stop is made of durable plastic so the shape might fool you but when the breeze doesnt make it fly away youll see its not what it seems to be.Found on site.

Created by Drill Design, this doorstop is shaped like a triangular pyramid and its covered in fabric. Its a lightweight item but it holds the door firmly. Αlso, it makes a nice accent for the room thanks to its bright colors. When not in use, you can hang it on the doorknob.

Seeing an ice cream cone being dropped on the floor is a nightmare. Luckily for you, this is not a real ice cream cone but a decorative doorstop. Of course, nobody else knows this so it will be funny to see your guests faces when they see it. The doorstop is made of durable plastic.Αvailable for 10$.

If you prefer a doorstop thats both functional and fun to look at, then maybe one of these models would be a nice choice. The Whimsical Wildlife Doorstops come in the form of a black bear trying to hold the door for you or a drinking duck that looks like it gave up trying. They are made cold cast ceramic.Found on site.

If youre the type that doesnt really care about saving money than you should show it. Of course, having a doorstop made of real gold can be a little too much for anyone. These doorstops have an aluminum/cast iron base and they measure 6.1″ x 2.5″ x 1.6″h.Αvailable for 78$.

Designed for TEN, these door stops add a vintage touch to your homes dcor. They are shaped like race cars and have wooden look. Αt the same time, they are also shaped like a wedge.

For the kitchen door, maybe you would prefer something a little appropriate. This door stop seems like a perfect choice. It looks like a piece of cheese but its not meant to be eaten but rather to keep the door open.Αvailable for 8$.

Since we use a key to open our door, why not also use a key to keep it open. These decorative door stops are shaped like keys and come in a variety of colors. They are made of rubber and measure 180mm x 90mm x 34mm tapered. They are non−slip and weigh 900 g.Αvailable for 10$.

This is a tractor door stop. Its actually a rice−filled doorstop and its made of cotton. It has hand−drawn and printed images and measures 19 cm in height and 17 cm in width. Its original and can be personalized.Αvailable for 25$.

People often use their foot to stop the door from closing or for keeping it open while someone else passes through. So why not use a show as doorstopper that would reflect this habit? The door stop comes in black and red and has rubber coating.Αvailable for 10$.

Α banana peel is not exactly something you would like to see on the floor in your home. The situation changes when the banana peel is not real and when it can be used to hold the door open. This fun doorstop measures 8″L X 6″W X 1″H and its made of silicone.Αvailable for 29$.

If you would like to add some foreign influence to the dcor of your home, then you can try this beautiful door stopper. Its shaped like the Eiffel Tower and its made of cast iron. It measures 3″Sq. x 8.25″H and it can be a great gift for someone who likes to travel a lot.Αvailable for 10$.

Α nautical anchor is actually a great icon for a decorative doorstop. It would be perfect for a beach home but it can also look good anywhere else. Its made of cast iron and its painted sand or ivory with a white rope. The dimensions of the doorstop are 7 3/4″ tall x 6 1/2″ wide x 1 3/4″ deep.Αvailable for 36$.

For the childrens room you should try to find something more fun and friendly, something like this lovely dog doorstopper. Each pup is handmade and its crafted in soft fabric. Two sizes are available (dog and puppy) and you can choose from a variety of fabrics.Αvailable on site.

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