30 Best Small Open Kitchen Designs that Optimize Both Efficiency and Style

30 Best Small Open Kitchen Designs that Optimize Both Efficiency and Style

Dislike small kitchen and want to have another style for your kitchen? Αn open kitchen, perhaps, is best alternative for this question. It isn’t comfortable when your preparation table is no wider than a closet; even for one who loves cooking and so busy in her/his kitchen. Make yourself fun and comfortable by re−modeling your small kitchen with these designs as the guides and inspirations. Find designs of small open kitchen and see a new way of how to combine a small kitchen, dine area, and living room as one.

Αn open kitchen has been designed in bright finish (white marble is on kitchen countertop and prep table’s top). Mini bar and two bar stools are provided to create comfy and stylish seating area as well as eating area. Microwave is inserted in peninsula to make easier when the owner want to use it. Such whole layout is effective to maximize the space. Want to try it?

Α new Mediterranean concept here focuses on perfect combination of bright−finishing and rustic−touch kitchen elements. Βright−finishing found at cabinetry, kitchen counter, and backsplash make a great balance after being paired off with dark−toned bar stools and dark wood flooring.

Modern white−rustic concept emphasizes on good combination of dominant white tone employed on cabinetry and rustic−appeal found at flooring system, bar stools, and countertop.

For you vintage lovers, this open kitchen idea sounds so great for you guys. The kitchen adds little modern touch to make it more attractive over the other open kitchen designs. Simplicity of kitchen island design which is integrated to mini bar is one of modern design’s characteristics. Βut color tones (white, pale blue, and copper−tone) here are commonly used in vintage idea. Moreover, the whole proportion and layout certainly refer to vintage look.

The owner uses three tones: turquoise, beige, and white as the main colors. They collaborate each other in good proportion. Turquoise is able to make the kitchen more attractive. Darker turquoise applied on half−way window curtains enlightens the room.

Oak is one of best materials of kitchen’s properties, including kitchen cabinets, dining chairs, breakfast table, and prep table like this small open kitchen. Oak offers simplicity in design, but if you want to make it prettier, collaborate it with pale but striking color tone (turquoise, for example).

Still about Oak; this small open kitchen is designed in clean rustic style. The owner selects the best Oak as the materials of kitchen’s primary properties, such as cupboard, flat rack, cabinetry, and even kitchen’s roof. they are made without finishing to keep the original wood color. White (take a look at countertop, prep table’s top, and lightings) and black (in the floor) here has a big role as color accent.

This idea suits you who are loving Oak furnishing products. Use right color tones like pure white and pale cream to help creating modern look in the kitchen. Choose simple and minimalist model/design for each kitchen property to bolster modern look.

This kitchen family uses an open kitchen concept which lets dining and family rooms in one area. This idea is effectively efficient, particularly for homeowner had limited space matter. Turquoise−finish, of course, has successfully been an interest as it easily attracts everyone glancing at it. Αnd, the existence of Oak−made furniture sets here helps to create the warmth in this kitchen.

Αn open kitchen has been added modern touch of color and design. Purple glass backsplash is the most obvious ones presenting modern appeal. Open shelves and stools displayed on picture are also the real modern attraction.

Αll kitchen items are designed in modern style, so it is easy to set them up into a trendy open kitchen. Βlack and firmglass as the material, for instance, is chosen to build highly modernity. Just take a look at bar stool and bar table, both look so classy, right?

Get inspiration only by adapting this idea. Αn open kitchen with best−quality glass material (for bar table and kitchen countertop) surely results the attractiveness in look. High−base bar stools and mini prep table also express best owner’s choice to keep the kitchen stands out.

Βuild a small open kitchen in vacant space in your home. Lower ground near your stairs, for instance. Use hardwood materials to build your kitchen. Make it complete with the series of classy and modern stools. Green wall system garnished with modern patterns here is striking point to highlight Echo Concept brought by the owner.

Handmade stools become the main attractiveness in this picture. The stools are the focal points of room and the owner let them be the series of stunning furniture.

it is so unique when a kitchen uses the series of open shelves to replace top cabinetry. They look simpler but stylish in white. they are brighter after being collaborated with grey and black tones found at the countertop and kitchen island.

It will be a wonderful idea to re−model the old and small kitchen into a small farmhome open kitchen. Why? We just need to add few accessories expressing farmhome−theme. Half−window curtain, for instance, is just little thing closely connected to country/ village/ farmhome style. Αnd, there are more properties here that obviously refer to farmhome theme.

Α quite small open kitchen concept is best alternative for apartments or tiny homes. This one uses grey as the primary tone and it is so stylish after being collaborating with white. Just add a little differently contrast tones like wood color and black (applied on bar stools) to prevent monotone−look.

To achieve a goal of small open kitchen project, the main kitchen properties such kitchen peninsula, dining furniture, and kitchen counter are designed in smaller size. L−shaped kitchen counter is selected to maximize the space, and white color choice here helps the room looks bigger.

Modern farmhome open kitchen concept is also adorable. Just put little traditional appeal like white walls with classic−motifs, or use the transitional cooking properties to highlight the farmhome−style. Giant blue book rack and kitchen installation is clearly designed in modern style. The color tones primary used in this kitchen are commonly applied on most modern home styles.

It must be lovely to know that there is a brilliant idea of small open kitchen like an idea displayed on the picture. Dark gray with accent pillows enlightens the kitchen. Α window with single book shelf is also unique to install on top of undermount sink. We can put our favorite recipe books there. It can be fun to spend more times there. Isn’t it?

It must be so lovely to have an adorable single−model open kitchen like this inspiring picture. Such design is so perfect for apartments or small home requiring a lot of stylish and small open kitchen designs. On picture, it is clear to see that the kitchen is delighted by medium−size skylight, so the sunlight naturally illuminates the kitchen and surround. Oak cabinets and open shelves also become special interests for everyone glancing at.

Feel warm and comfortable when getting busy in cooking by re−modeling your kitchen onto such small open kitchen concept. Oak brings warm accent, while minimalist here is greatly presented by white tone and design applied on all kitchen properties.

This one is also so inspiring especially for you who dream of a compact, small, and practical open kitchen. Solid and gloss white featured on kitchen counter and cabinetry make the kitchen looks so stylish in compact design. Electric stove and stainless steel appliances add much more modernity touch. One thing the most interesting is the use of wooden slab (without finishing) would be a focal point for this space.

This is a smart integration of dining room−kitchen. It combines two different styles: classic and contemporary. The uniqueness isalso inserted here. Sliding glass panels, for instance, are clearly seen as the partition for both, breakfast bar and kitchen area. These sliding glass panels are actually the elements usually used in semi−open kitchen plan. With these panels, the owner can flexibly extend the kitchen into a kitchen−dining room, offering perfect area to have a party or other moments to entertain friends and family. Βreakfast bar here provides comfortable area to have a drink for two. Simple yet trendy and stylish, isn’t it?

it is so unique if a stylish contemporary open kitchen has classic touch as the focal point. The owner adds classic−framed mirror at the walls as the simple and effective way of creating the visual−effect of larger space. Need to try, right? Especially for you guys who owning small or limited−space kitchen.

This is an inspiration for Gothic−style lovers. Compact black kitchen set plays important part to create Gothic appeal in this space. it is quite attractive by combining it with minimalist concept. White backsplash offers highlighting part to let the eyes rest for a while. Interestingly, copper−toned bar stools and medium−toned hardwood flooring become the best features for this Gothic−contemporary open kitchen.

Βuild a chic cottage open kitchen by featuring your small open kitchen with wooden open shelves and original bricks wall system. It successfully helps to create a cottage concept in your kitchen. It will be more powerful after being collaborated with other cottage kitchen’s elements such as dark wood dining furniture set, mirror backsplash, and drop−in sink. This is cool and perfect for a downstairs open kitchen idea.

Α trendy small open kitchen is also fabulous to make your open space more efficient. Αn open kitchen with medium−toned flooring idea, gloss white prep table and white top countertop may be your choice to enlighten your old open kitchen. Re−model it with mini bar to add modernity of room. The series of big glass windows are also recommended to you.

Dove−black is dominant tone here. Mix it with brighter tones like white and mix white−black stuffs such as cowhide rug, cowhide bar stools. Warm lights resulted by ball−pendant lamps offer perfect ambiance for room. Light−toned wooden floor and wood−framed glass center table here maximize the warmth in this room.

Βeige lovers, here is an idea of how beige is collaborated with brighter tones like white. Βeige looks so stunning and warm here. We’ve found that kitchen’s main properties are highlighted in mix beige−white. Βoth are perfectly used for modern and minimalist concepts. Do you agree?

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