A Renovated Apartment in Tel Aviv

A Renovated Apartment in Tel Aviv

There are moments when we become unsatisfied with the place where we live in. The reasons may be related to space incommodity, the boring and out of fashion style used or just the need of a change. The idea is to create a place of our own where we feel fine, relaxed, comfortable and which will always inspire us warm and happiness.

In Tel Αviv, Sfaro Αrchitects renovated an apartment which covers a surface of 59 square meters, situated in a building of apartments. This architectural studio, Sfaro tried to bring this apartment to life again and gain more practical and useful space. Thus the yellow nuances were replaced by white and nuances of dark and light blue and many useless corridors and closets were removed. Two original support columns were kept and the central wall structure became a useful space for different types of storage.

The intention of this renovation was to get a warmer, fresher and more spacious living place, where the owners could use every centimeter of this space at maximum and enjoy the new atmosphere and airy place. The white kitchen, the warm brought by the light wood nuance of the pieces of furniture or the freshness of the blue nuances make the whole apartment become more welcoming and brighter.

Everything looks more optimistic and full of life. Αlthough there are only 59 square meters, the new arrangement and the new areas gained let you the impression that you live in a larger apartment where nothing seems to miss or make you feel uncomfortable.{found on freshome}.

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