A Small Flat With Lots Of Character In London

A Small Flat With Lots Of Character In London

Sometimes a small house can be more charming than a big one. For example, nobody can look at this flat and say they dont like it. The apartment is located in London, England. It has been renovated and refurbished and now it has a very beautiful contemporary look.

Αs you can see from the pictures, the apartment is tastefully decorated. The color palette has been beautifully chosen and it features a nice balance between sunny and neutral shades.

The combination of grey and yellow is very beautiful and works wonderfully in the living room. The goal for this project was to create a contemporary design. For that, the team opted for a very simple interior. There are no unnecessary elements included in the design and everything in minimalistic and also chic and charming.

Αs you can see, the main lines of the design and dcor are very simple. Of course, there are also accent features with a somewhat dramatic appeal. The space was designed to be, first of all, functional. it’s, of course, stylish and elegant as well. The kitchen is connected to the reception room and they both seem larger this way. The study has been decorated with green shades and has a relaxing and also refreshing look. The bedrooms feature dark accent walls, They’re simple and inviting. The master bedroom stands out with its somewhat dramatic dcor and four posted bed.{found on site}.

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