A Unique Environment by Geometrix

A Unique Environment by Geometrix

Αs Geometrix has accustomed us, we deal one more time with simplicity, elegance, modernity at the highest level. We discover the same taste for black and white paintings, black and white pieces of furniture, no matter we’re talking about the living room or one of the bathrooms.

The kitchen makes the difference with its pleasant tones that you’ll definitely like, no matter your color preferences. Thanks to the special mood and to the fact that it’s modernly equipped,itis inviting, no matteryou want to drink a coffee with your best friend or cook something for your family, the welcomingair is defining. The entirehouse is an open space, with modern furniture, nice colors, elegant curtainsthat match perfectly with the rest of the space. Even the bathroomkeeps the samemodern and simple air; the bedroom is theimage of comfort,elegance and good taste.

Α DIY Cat Window Perch

The black and white tendency ensures simplicity, elegance and modernity specific for Geometrix. The paintings on the walls, thecolorful flowers, the decorative objects, the lamps, the unique bedroom ceiling andthe modern deskcontribute tothe general atmosphere, with a specific note in the same pattern of elegance and comfort, even luxury. The warm tones, the very nice atmosphere make the entire space unique, creating another world.

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