Advantages of Curtains Over Blinds

Advantages of Curtains Over Blinds

Whether it is due to relocation, a revamp or you wish to completely alter an interior design, how you choose to dress your windows is an important decision and shouldn't be taken too lightly. This article provides some of the advantages of curtains over blinds and may help you decide whether blinds or curtains will be the most suitable. Where both vertical and horizontal blinds usually just cover the window they are unable to add much to the look and feel of a room, curtains can offer a multitude of varieties and can create a certain style. The fittings used to hang curtains can definitely have a presence in a room, curtain poles and there finials (decorative ends) are available in a wide range of materials and colours. When curtains are open they produce a beautiful frame for the window which develops a boarder, blinds cannot provide this nor can they add the elegance that curtains actualize when tied back.

It is possible to have vertical blinds bent to fit a bay window, although you will probably find that the lovely effect the bay window gives will be lost resulting in the room looking more like an office. Curtain poles or tracks can be made to measure and bent to fit the bay window exactly leaving the curtains of your choice to exquisitely frame the bay window giving it real class.

Modern windows and patio doors often open inwardly which can create fixing problems, sometimes blinds are simply too bulky to fit into the space and still be able to open the door or window. Curtain tracks are available in a wide range of sizes with some available as small as 5mm, meaning that even in very tight spaces there should be enough room to fit a curtain track.

Αnother very important advantage curtains have over blinds is the amount of insulation they provide. Usual blinds are thin and offer a minimal amount of insulation. If you compare this to a gorgeous thick pair of curtains which help cut down on draughts (if they hang below windowsill), they effectively keep the heat inside. It is inexpensive to obtain extra thick lining to give extra insulation which can save money long term on energy bills.

If you are looking for those curtains that are made with high quality fabric, then you can choose to order them online with some of the popular companies that will give you the best and most elegant curtains. There are wide varieties you can choose from when you order online. Elegance is about simplicity and beauty, so try some of the best handmade curtains that will surely benefit your home.

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In fact, while those who can afford a newly built custom home may want to consider purchasing same, others may find the current real estate market to be more affordable than ever.

If you are in need of blinds in London whether for your home or your office building then you may want to consider finding cheap roller blinds because they are functional and economical as well as easy to install.

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