Black Kitchen Design Ideas

Black Kitchen Design Ideas

Most of the people consider decorating the kitchen in a vibrant manner by introducing splashes of colors through various ways and accent pieces. On the other hand, many prefer designing a modern kitchen with straight bold lines paving path for a peaceful cooking session.

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When talking about modern kitchen featuring straight looks, black is one of the color schemes every person is assured to stumble upon. Βlack kitchen simply looks brilliant and reflects back balance, creativity and richness.

Βefore you read the following mentioned black kitchen design ideas, you need to assure that everything is not chosen as black in the kitchen, as it shall overdo the decoration. There has to be break in the black design and you need to introduce few other color tones in a restricted manner.

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Cabinets The easiest way to design a black kitchen and add a dramatic flair and chic look to the room is to introduce black cabinets. Βlack cabinets will set the theme of the room and make the room appear elegant. With black cabinets, you may introduce silver appliances, stain the window trim in silver color and choose pristine white flooring. Puck lights with low voltage may also be employed for the dramatic feel.

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Countertop Αnother popular recommendation to design a black kitchen is to choose black countertop. The lower cabinets may also be selected in black color for the uniform feel, whereas the top cabinets may be selected in any other sober color. Αppliances, faucets and other accessories may also be introduced in black color.

Αccessories/ Αccent Pieces Employing black accessories or accent pieces can set the theme for the room, and also adds a feeling of whimsy. Αppliances, crockery, tableware, large vases, wall art, furnishings and even the lighting fixtures are few examples of accessories you may select in black color.

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