Colorful 400 square foot apartment in Chicago

Colorful 400 square foot apartment in Chicago

Continuing our research on small and tiny apartment and the ways in which they can be cleverly decorated in order to seem bigger, we found this beautiful apartment in Chicago, IL. The apartment belongs to JoΑnn. It measures a total of 400 square feet so its a tiny house. However, its also a welcoming and very cozy house.

The apartment is small but very beautiful and cleverly decorated. Since its such a small place, some things had to be sacrificed. For example, theres only one closet in the entire apartment. It might seem like an unfortunate compromise but the fact is that there are also other ways of storing things without having to rely to space−wasting closets. In this case, a clever solution was to create some functional storage space under the bed. In the bedroom, a series of shelves placed above the bed are the perfect solution that makes the nightstand seem useless in this case. Its a space−saving solution and a very clever one as well.

The storage problem was also solved with the help of all the cabinets lying around the apartment. In each room, the situation is different. Αs for the interior design, the apartment is chic and stylish. The colors used include neutral tones such as grey, black and white. These colors are always balanced with something a little more colorful and bright. For example, the living room has colorful pillows on the sofa and a green rug, the workspace is fresh and features tones of green and blue and the bedroom is mostly white with some insertions of red.{foudn on apartmenttherapy}.

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