Colorful and dynamic beach house interior design

Colorful and dynamic beach house interior design

It would be useless to have a beach home if youre just going to decorate in the same way as your permanent home. The idea is to go there to relax but also to have fun and to feel like you have escaped from the routine of you daily life. Its why a beach home needs to be vibrant, colorful and fun. We couldnt have found a better example than this home.

Every room and every corner of this home is dynamic and colorful. Each room has a different color palette and it each has its own dcor but they all follow the same modern pattern. The entrance hallway is a brightly−colored space with lots of different shades. It leads to the living room, decorated with a combination of warm and cold shades that are beautifully balanced. The furniture is modern and simple and contrasts are refreshing.

The kitchen is very sunny and has windows on three sides. Its mostly decorated with shades of white and blue. The dining room is also a bold space with white chairs and vibrant red walls. The bedroom has purple walls with colorful artwork and red pillows on the bed. The bathroom is pink and also decorated with friendly and cheerful details. Theres also a guest bedroom thats very beautiful and features vibrant green walls and matching wallpaper on the ceiling. Αs you can see, each room has a different color and they are all very vibrant and bold.{found on hometohome}.

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