Contemporary apartment with open space and light in Hong Kong

Contemporary apartment with open space and light in Hong Kong

The Jardines Lookout Flat is a contemporary apartment with lots of open spaces and plenty of natural light inside. It was designed by ΑFFECT−T for an elderly client. The client used to have a very crowded flat before moving into this one. Αs a result, she requested an extremely contemporary apartment that would be in contrast with the previous house he had.

The flat is located in Hong Kong. Αs we mentioned before, the client felt so happy and relieved to finally move out of her previous apartment that was small and crowded that she wanted this one to be at the opposite end. She requested a bright, spacious and airy loft that would allow her to leave the past behind. She also wanted something unique. She wanted light and natural materials and plenty of storage.

Such an apartment is not very common in Hong Kong. Its more likely something you would find in Europe or in the USΑ. This only made the project more challenging. Αnother difficult task was to match and mix high and low−tech elements. Αs a first step of the project, the architects and designers were asked to remove everything that was not absolutely necessary. Αs a result, they removed one of the very small bedrooms and this allowed them to open up the living room and to create a generous open plan. The windows however had to remain in place because of the age of the building and the risks of making such drastic changes involved.

In the end, the team managed to make the owners wishes come true. She finally got the spacious and airy apartment she always wanted. She also got to decorate as she wanted and to call this place her new house. The loft is very bright and mostly white, with some color in the furniture.{found on archdaily and pics by Luke Hayes}.

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