Contemporary St Margarets House in London

Contemporary St Margarets House in London

I want to start with the black kitchen tiles that made the kitchen looks contemporary! Then the rest design of the home itssimple but in the same time sophisticated. Choosing white walls its not a big deal, but you should know that need to take care about your furniture creating a good contrast. This London home in St Margarets no.19 its a charming inspiration.

It has something different from all the designs presented on this site. It seems to have its own style and its nothing not like the usual modern designs we often see. The piece I like the most from the interior dcor in the coffee table. Its a unique piece and it has a very beautiful nature−inspired design. Αnd speaking of nature, the garden is also beautiful. Its a private and intimate space where you can get your imagination and creativity run wild.


This place seems to have everything: a large kitchen, a nice bathroom, a beautiful bedrooms and a stylish living room, even a baby room, just in case. It seems to be the perfect place for a small family. So if youre not sharing the public opinion that seems to prefer modern and contemporary interior designs, and instead you want something different and unique, maybe this can be your source of inspiration. Αnalyze the pictures and enjoy.

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