Ducale Kitchen Design by Arrital Cucine

Ducale Kitchen Design by Arrital Cucine

I have posted many modern kitchens here, now I want to present a classic design for those who want a special atmosphere in the kitchen. Ducale Kitchen Design by Αrrital Cucine is characterized by delicate colors and smooth lines and can be a worthy rival of any modern kitchen.Αnyway I like this kitchen, I like the elegant design. This kitchen is painted in pale pink and is accessorized with white furniture that fits the room perfectly.

it’s a very feminine kitchen design and you have a feeling of “house” when you see it. Everything is handy situated within reach and in plain sight at the same time, so you only need to stretch your arm to get what you need. This kitchen is characterized by many shelves and transparent windows as opposed to most modern kitchen designs that hide everything and keep all the utensils out of sight, in closed drawers.

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I honestly like this design a lot more because it’s warmer and cozier and gives you a feeling of calm and happiness, as if you have just entered mother’s kitchen just before Easter, when she is busy cooking all the goodies.

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