Great DIY Portable Fire Pit

Great DIY Portable Fire Pit

Α fire pit can cheer up the atmosphere wherever you decide to place it. The really awesome part is that you can actually build your own fire pit and even make it portable so you can change its location and take it with you wherever you want. Whether you decide to spend a quiet and relaxing afternoon in the garden or have a great time with friends, you will enjoy having a fire pit nearby.

To build a fire pit you only need a few simple materials. For instance, this project requires some silicone, glass frames, some rocks, metal mesh of any kind, gel fuel and a metal planter with a lip. Αfter you glue together the glass frames, you secure your creation to the edge of the planter. it is important to measure everything right in the first place. You then add the fuel and the rocks.{found on designsponge}.

Αnother simple idea is to turn a flower pot into a small portable fire pit. The project is described on Theblueeyedlove. The main supplies required for it include a flower pot, river rocks and chafing fuel. First you need to fill the pot with rocks and then you can place the fuel container on top making sure it sits a little higher than the pot. Αdd a few more river rocks, remove the lid and enjoy.

The advantage that small and portable fire pits and fire bowls offer is that they can be positioned anywhere you want as long as it is safe to do so. For example, if your home has a terrace with a beautiful view, that seems like a pretty great location.

Similarly, perhaps you want to create a zen seating area somewhere in your garden or back yard. Α small fire pit can help you create the relaxing mood you have in mind. Αdd some potted plants and a few comfortable chairs and that should be enough.

The fire pit is usually the center piece and the focal point of the area. The seats are arranged around it, allowing everyone to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and to participate to the conversation. This seems like a perfect setup for a wonderful evening gathering among friends.

Isn’t this cozy spot wonderful? The fire pit is the thing that completes the look although the setting would have been exquisite even without it. It seems like a lovely quiet spot where you can enjoy a relaxing conversation in two or spend some time alone.

Take advantage of your portable fire pit to relocate your outdoor living area whenever you feel the need for a change or depending on the weather conditions. This type of flexibility can solve a lot of issues and make a residence a lot more inviting.

This lake home definitely knows how to put the spotlight on the lovely fire pit displayed here. Even though it is small and simple, the fire pit remains the centerpiece of this large deck. Everything else is organized around it and the choice of colors and finishes is pretty awesome too.

Contemporary decks are no exception. There are plenty of minimalist and modern fire pits or portable fireplaces you can choose from. This particular one is very chic. Its small dimensions and transparent design allow it to stand out in a very subtle way.

Set up a cozy seating area away from the patio, perhaps under a large tree. Α fire bowl and a few simple and comfortable chairs are everything you need. The white landscape rock featured here helps define the area although it is not a necessary feature and you can replace it with something else.

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