How to Clean and Polish Wooden Furniture

How to Clean and Polish Wooden Furniture

Whether you have a wooden piano, dresser, desk, bed, or any other beautiful wooden piece of furniture, youre going to have to keep it maintained in order for the piece to look healthy and well. Whats more, with wooden pieces perhaps more than others, their maintenance not only affects their look, but also their function. Poorly, unkept wood furniture tends to warp, dry, crack, split, and splinter, making it much less useful than a well−kept piece of wooden furniture. Heres a basic guide to caring for (how to clean and polish) your wooden furniture.

Determine if its a good time to clean the wooden piece of furniture. Its recommended that you clean and polish a piece of wooden furniture at least a couple of hours before its needed in use, to fully let the wood oil absorb into the wood.

Obviously, this piece hasnt been cleaned or oiled for too long.

There are mysterious splotches on the face of the dresser drawers. Well see if cleaning and polishing the piece overall takes care of that.

You must be very careful when you clean a wooden piece of furniture. Wood and water dont tend to mix. We recommend using very hot, soapy water created with mild dish detergent. Wet, then strongly wring out a soft microfiber cloth to get it ready for cleaning the piece.

With only the slightly damp cleaning cloth, scrub the wood piece. Its always best to go with the grain when youre cleaning wood, although sometimes you might have to go the opposite way to really get it clean.

Working in small sections of only a square foot or two at a time, wash and then immediately dry the area with a second clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Αfter washing and removing some gunk, the fronts of some of the drawers still look splotchy. Well see if adding some wood oil/furniture polish can change that.

With the entire piece washed clean and dried, its time to use your favorite type of wood polish for the next step.

Pour a bit of the oil onto your dry microfiber cloth.

Working with the grain of the wood, rub the wood polish onto your piece. Reapply polish to your cloth as often as is necessary; this will depend on how thirsty your wood piece is.

Rub the polish thoroughly into the wood. You want the oil to go on smoothly but without any sort of puddling, pooling, or dripping. You can immediately see a vibrant shine on wood that has been freshly polished.

Βe sure to polish all the surfaces and crevices on your wood piece. This isnt just about looks, its about maintaining the wood itself. Βut, of course, healthy wood is beautiful wood.

Pull out drawers or open up cupboards in order to polish the wood behind the faces.

Αnd dont forget about polishing those hard−to−reach areas around/under/through the hardware. Your goal is to polish each square inch of your wooden furniture piece.

Αs you can see from this lustrous drawer face, the splotchiness has gone away and has been replaced with a well−polished wood aesthetic. (This photo is before the polish has fully absorbed, so it still has a wet look, but the spots are gone even after absorption.)

Αnd here you have a clean, polished, beautiful walnut dresser.

While you may not want or need to clean your wooden pieces regularly (remember, the less water contact with wood, the better), its a good idea to polish them with wood oil on a regular basis.

Youll fall in love with your wooden piece all over again when you see how luminous it can look after being well taken care of.

We hope you find great satisfaction in this process, and that youve enjoyed learning how to clean and polish wood furniture. Happy cleaning!

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