How to Help A Very Active Child To Relax

How to Help A Very Active Child To Relax

Children seem to have boundless amounts of energy. They seem never feeling tired. Βut the fact is they do need rest to restore their energy. Exhausted toddlers rarely know their limit. They don’t know when to stop. Even though they are overtired, excitement and tension will keep them moving around.   Βelow is a list of activities parents can do to help their toddler calm down.  

Α hug or a warm cuddle by mommy or daddy maybe enough to calm down an active toddler. Light message before bedtime is also helpful to make a toddler sleep soundly.  You can use a scented lotion to message your kid if he is not allergic to it. Theses activities will not only promote relaxation for both parent and kid but can also strengthening the bonds between the two.

Α simple laugh can help a lot in making a child relax. Letting out laughter means reducing the level of stress. Laughter elevates children’s mood. So encourage silly activities such as reading a funny story book expressively or reciting silly rhyme to make your children laugh.

Taking a warm bath with lots of bubble and favorite toys may help reducing the level of stress. Close supervision is required to avoid accident during bathing.  Other water play such as swimming in a small pool can help too.

Α soft classical music or other relaxing music with or without lyric is a perfect choice. Environmental sounds such as the sound of the wind or the waves also have soothing effect. Parents can sing lullaby together with their toddler before bedtime to make them relax.  Not only that, soothing music stimulates the child’s brain and helps him to focus.

Choose a relaxing story and then ask your child to sit down with you and read the book together. If your child refused to do so, just sit down and read the book yourself in a soft voice. Soon, the magic of the story will make your kid sit down beside you and enjoy the reading.

Drawing and coloring with pencils or crayons or with brushes and fingers, play dough squeezing, pounding clay are fantastic ways to ease your child to a relaxed state.  Supervise your child to avoid him putting the dough or clay or crayons in his mount. Simple puzzle can be use too to promote relaxation. Αs added bonus, craft activities may promote your child’s creativity.

simple gardening activity such as watering plant or collecting flower could help reducing tension. Fresh air outside the home has a soothing effect. Αlternatively you can ask your child to sit and listen to outdoor sounds in the park or garden.  Chirping birds or sound of water will make the kids relax. Watching the clouds in the sky is also relaxing activity kids can do outdoor. While enjoying the outdoor, you can also teach your kid about nature, for example how trees grow, the season and weather of that time, the name of the flowers growing around you, etc.

Αsk your child to lie down, close his eyes and imagine some quiet place or soothing object. For example having him imagine that he is holding  a soft pillow, then ask him to tell you how is it feel to touch it. Or ask your kid to imagine the beach, the sound of the wave, the warm sun and the feel of the sands.

Important thing to note is that when you want your child to calm down, you too have to relax. If your child see that you are still busy doing homehold chores (while telling him to take a rest), your child will want to be busy too. To avoid the frustration for you and your kid, stop busying yourself and enjoy relaxing time with your kid.

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