How to Make a Stucco Column

How to Make a Stucco Column

Columns give a majestic and stately look to any home. However, old brick and cement columns reach a point where they need a face−lift. Making new stucco columns from old existing cement or masonry columns is a simple and inexpensive project that gives a clean and updated look to a home front. Stucco mixtures come in a wide range of colors. Texturing tools such as rollers and stippling sponges allow you to customize column surfaces.

Spray the column with water, using a hose, to remove any surface dust and dirt.

Mix the dash−bond mixture in a large bucket with water to form a paste of a consistency that will stick to the column surface, following the manufacturers package directions. Αpply a 1/8−inch coat of dash−bond paste to the column surface, using a notched trowel for spreading. Αllow the dash−bond to dry thoroughly.

Mist the column surface with water prior to applying the base stucco coat, using a hose, to keep the stucco from drying too quickly and cracking.

Use a wheelbarrow and shovel to prepare the stucco mixture by combining the dry stucco ingredients with water until the mixture is a uniform color and is the the consistency of thick paste, following the manufacturers instructions. Αpply a 3/8−inch base, or scratch coat, to the column using a notched trowel. Αllow the stucco to dry for an hour.

Use a plasterers rake to create random score lines in the stucco. Scratch lines in the damp stucco base coat to ensure proper adhesion of the second stucco coat. Αllow the base coat to dry slowly by misting it with water every couple of hours.

Mist the dried stucco base with water using a hose. Evenly apply a second 1/8−inch coat of the stucco mixture over the base coat. Mist the stucco frequently, allowing the moisture to evaporate slowly until it is completely dry.

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