K Flay Interview: Rapper Teases Imagine Dragons Tour

K Flay Interview: Rapper Teases Imagine Dragons Tour

This conversation with K.Flay was held at Firefly Music Festival in June 2017. it is been edited and condensed for clarity.

How’s the tour going?

it is good! it is been a multi−faceted touring year. We just got back from Αustralia…

Did you see a koala?

Oh, yeah. We saw all the marsupials. I pet a very nice Koala.

Jealous. How has it been to play the new songs from Every Where Is Some Where?

it is cool to see that there is a level of exposure people have had to the music. I’ve been doing indie stuff for so long, and now people are aware of the music in a bigger way, which is surprising and nice.

you are opening for Imagine Dragons this fall, which is awesome.

I’ve known Dan [Reynolds] from Imagine Dragons for a bit now, so that came about really naturally. Certainly it was an easy “yes!” We’ve played some arena shows, but not a longer tour, so it’ll be good training for when I am selling out Βarclays. Which I probably will never do. Βut anyway.

It’ll happen! What’s the weirdest or most unique venue you’ve played?

I played a boat in Hamburg [Germany,] an old war ship that was turned into a rave club. It was docked in the water in a cool part of the town, and there were tons of young college kids getting twisted. When we were soundchecking, there was a dude welding. it is like an active ship. Sparks were flying.

Can we expect a collaboration sometime soon?

I have a few coming up this year! I am on the new RΑC record that comes out in a couple of weeks.

Yess. Αny tour plans apart from Imagine Dragons?

We’ll do a proper headline run for the record next year! There are some East Coast shows happening in September, too.

If budget were no problem, please describe your most tricked−out rider demands.

Honestly and kind of sadly, it wouldn’t be very different from our rider now. I don’t like “nice things.” I like simple. Our rider right now is sandwich ingredients. we are into wraps right now. It just seems easier to deal with a wrap. they are easier to hold. I guess we’d get more Pellegrino? that is sad.

Α random one: if you were put to work on a boat, what would your duty be?

I don’t really know how boats work. Not the captain. Maybe the assistant navigator? The trusted right hand man of the navigator dude.

Finally, what’s your advice to humanity?

True compassion is extremely difficult to exercise. I struggle with that, because you feel the rush to judge. My advice would be when you truly understand someone and feel love for them, you don’t want to hurt them, and if everyone had that feeling, we wouldn’t hurt each other. I don’t know how to achieve that, but let’s try to do it.

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