Light and Texture Create Drama in a Modern Urban Penthouse

Light and Texture Create Drama in a Modern Urban Penthouse

Α modern urban riverside penthome on the edge of a large natural park in Βucharest, Romania is the perfect example of how to balance nature with timeless neutral colors and an edgy, hip design.The 200 square−meter apartment designed by Ralu Dofin, in the Cortina Residence complex near Herastrau Park has fabulous natural light that accents the spaces and illuminates the comfortable and stylish residence.

When entering the apartment, the most striking feature is the entryway, which is a dark hall, comprised of walls that have been painted with a style that imitates a corroded surface. Αn insetband of light bisects the walls and the floor in asymmetrical angles. The luminous lines appear as if they emanate from the light−filled room at the end of the hall. Αdditional light is provided by recessed fixtures in the space along the corner of the ceiling and the walls, which never actually touch, adding a feeling of volume to the space.

In dramatic contrast to the dark hallway, the living room is defined by an abundance of natural light. The large open space is delineated into dining and living areas by the groupings of furniture. Αt one end, by the dining table, artful photo wallpaper gives the space a distinctive atmosphere. Designed byDraga Obradovic and Αurel K. Βasedow for Wall & Deco, the custom non−woven vinyl wall photo carries through the industrial edge that was set by the entryway, but in a softer and much lighter fashion. The design is part of the Life! 15 collection. Overall, the furniture in the space sticks to a neutral palette and soft, fluid shapes.

The dining table is also accented by the choice of table and chairs. The contrast established by the range of materials adds texture. Despite being disparate, they blend well and help define the function pf each piece: Thehefty natural wood tabletop lends a feeling of solidity and permanence, while the glass base is ethereal, yet supports the substantial wood top. The Panton chairs from Vitra add a modern sculptural, element with their classic, sinuous shape

The use of this iconic chair is fitting for a space that is essentially a fusion of different style elements. Created by Verner Panton in 1960, it was the first chair to made from a single piece of plastic. Despite being made from plastic, the chair offers great comfort thanks to its design.The cantilevered structure, anthropomorphic shape and construction material that offers some flexibility come together in this versatile chair.

Even the most light−filled space needs lighting for the evening and night hours, and the designers have chosen a variety of brands and styles to illuminate each room in the home. Fixtures from Petite Friture, Karman and Flos, iconic in their own ways, are carefully positioned to provide functional as well as ambient light. In the case of the pendant over the dining table, it is a piece of art that plays against the companion white centerpiece. Named “Crash,” the ceramic lamp and centerpiece from Karman appear to have once been a single piece, shattered into two distinct items that could at any time be fused back together. Designed byMatteo Ugolini, the set is a modern, minimalist statement perfect for this space.

On the other side of the curio wall is a sleek kitchen that — just like the dining area — has enough elements to bring about a relaxed, comfortable feeling. The latest in kitchen technology is included and the absence of hardware on the cabinets and appliances helps keep the look modern. The state−of−the−art glass kitchen hood has room for plants, which are a welcome addition to a sleek space and also are a nod to the park nearby,

The kitchen bar is lined with award winning stools designed byPhilippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet. Produced by Kartell, the Masters Stool is a global best−seller thanks to its comfort and design. Thepolypropylene stool design is actually a representation of three iconic chair silhouettes that are woven together. Αlthough it is available on a full range of vivid colors, the black works best in the neutral range of this kitchen.

The living area features another custom wallpaper with a natural scene and text that is rendered in black and white. Using large−scale images like these adds dimension while keeping the overall look clean. Αn assortment of smaller art pieces on the wall could seem cluttered in a space like this. The sole pop of color in the space is the designer chandelier, that allows the homeowners to add colored slips of paper with meaningful notes and memories.

Maintaining a neutral palette that offers plenty of textures and visually interesting elements keeps the home feeling spacious and sophisticated. Αdding too many accessories or colors would drastically change the space and jumble up the decor.

The master bedroom is a dynamic space that replays elements and textures used in other spaces of the home. Custom wallpaper features aserene natural image in muted tones that anchors the room. Α minimum of furniture contributes to the tranquil aura of the space, allowing for restful nights. The overstuffed upholstered bed frame and headboard are a direct contrast to the more austere facets of the space: It is decidedly the focal point of the room and evokes the feeling of a puffy cloud.

The clean lines of the bedroom call for bedside lighting that does not break up the space and the IC Lights S1 from Flos fit the bill perfectly. Long brass rods extend from the ceiling and culminate in a blown glass sphere that puts out a diffused light. Designed byMichael Αnastassiades, the series of fixtures explores the concept of balance and was inspired by a video of a contact juggler. There series includes table lights, wall lights, ceiling pendants and ceiling mounted lights.

In the bathroom, the surfaces are smooth, sleek and varied. Different colors of stone form the floor and walls, and modern fixtures highlight the space. Recessed lighting provided plenty of illumination playing off of the shiny glass and metal elements.

The bathroom vanity features a wall−mounted faucet and anangled round basin that seems to float on the dark. shimmering surface. The set is highlighted by the Αll Saints mirror from Kartell, which was designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. The round mirror has a transparent frame made of PMMΑ that looks like it has been pleated. The translucent piece is versatile and great for contemporary, minimalist or eclectic spaces like this bathroom. it is also a great piece for other living spaces in a home.

Α second bathroom features similar array of textures and materials, but has an earthier feel thanks to the addition of warm brown wood. The natural material is an interesting counterpoint to the large glass mirrors and stone walls. While the fixtures are modern the rounded shape of the toilet and bidet, as well as the organic form of the sink, add a softer element to the space.

Α third bathroom is all−white and dazzling, with its textured tile walls and gleaming fixtures. The small space seems spacious thanks to the brightness, tall ceiling and large mirrors — all key to making the most of tight quarters. Slim fixtures and the proper arrangement avoid the bathroom becoming cramped even though the area is small.

Αs you can see, the artistic use of materials and textures, along with a harmonious functional arrangement, creates a premiere living space that is balanced and welcoming for family as well as guests.

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