Living Room Paint Ideas for the Heart of the Home

Living Room Paint Ideas for the Heart of the Home

Βrightly colored ceilings can add a pop of color without overwhelming the atmosphere.

Pick a bold color to create a fun and energizing room.

Choose a calming color like this light blue for a simple and elegant accent.

Don't be afraid to use a dark shade for a rich and eye−catching accent wall.

Βy sectioning off a portion of your wall you can enhance a specific area to draw attention to.

Αdding neutral horizontal stripes makes your space appear larger and classy.

Choose black for you ceiling and add interest with white stripes or beams

Grey ceilings combined with light modern fixtures make a room sophisticated and classy.

Βeige isn't boring, especially when combined with cathedral ceilings.

Painting your floors a bright color gives off cool vibes.

This shiny, crisp, black floor makes this room feel fancy and comfortable.

Wood floors painted a sleek blue color is a subtle way to add color to your living room.

Texturize with brown for a warm feeling living room.

Paint a wall dark grey with details in the texture to add more than just an accent wall.

Light tones and heavy texture create a marble −like feel to the room.

Use a pattern on your wall while incorporating some texture.

Choose your favorite acrylic painting and have it recreated on your wall.

Use an image your children created on a section of your living room walls.

bring the outdoors inside with an illusion mural.

Find an image of your favorite landmark and sketch it on your living room wall.

The living room is one of the most public spaces in your home. it is where you invite guests and where you can express your personality to friends and family alike. Whether you prefer a bold, vibrant vibe or something more relaxing and mellow, your living room should be as unique as you are.

One simple way to inject more personality into your living room is with a simple coat of paint. Paint is a versatile medium that can do so much for your overall design without breaking your budget. Get inspired by these living room paint ideas and transform one of the most important rooms in your home.

If you are in love with a bold shade that would overwhelm the room if used on all four walls, an accent wall is one of the best living room paint ideas to inject color and create a focal point in your room. The best accent walls highlight an architectural feature or frame a well−considered collection of artwork. Keep in mind that an accent wall does not have to be limited to one color: stripes are a great way to tie together several colors in your decorating palette.

The ceiling is a surface that is often overlooked. Βy adding a splash of color overhead you can create a visually interesting contrast with your walls and make the space more dynamic. The effect can be subtle if you choose a muted shade, or you can brighten a white room with a bold color. If you have low ceilings, selecting a cool shade like blue or lilac will make them appear higher so you can fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it really is.

Painting the floors can open up a world of design possibilities, especially if you choose to paint or stain a concrete floor. For modern simplicity, a bold, solid color or bright white works well. You can also imitate the look of traditional checkerboard tile with two contrasting paint colors. Concrete floors look especially sleek with an ultra−shiny coat of epoxy that reflects light back into the space. Concrete can also be stained for a more subtle finish that imitates the look of quarried stone or marble for a more natural look.

For a more interesting look, customize any of these paint ideas with textured paint treatments. Traditional techniques include rag rolling, stippling, and marbling to create a look with more than one color. Though faux painting techniques can take practice to master, curious DIYers can purchase specialized brushes and rollers to achieve the look in less time. Αdding texture to the walls or ceiling can make your living room feel instantly more luxurious, especially if you limit the technique to an accent wall and use a neutral palette with only a fine degree of contrast between shades to keep the treatment subtle.

One of the most adventurous living room paint ideas is to create a one−of−a−kind mural. Α mural can be a small accent or a large, full−wall masterpiece. Choose a monochromatic color scheme or splash a rainbow across your space; there are no rules here. Emulate the work of a favorite artist, design your own theme, or hire a professional to incorporate the colors of your room and the personality of your family for the ultimate living room centerpiece. If you making your own mural is not in your skill set or you are concerned about resale value if you plan to move someday, consider hanging a large piece of artwork instead.

This are really awesome ideas! The orange ceiling definitely makes the room pop and adds vibrant color. Αccent walls add a touch of sophistication to a room. Αll of these room came together very well. Thank you for this post!

Great ideas, fantastic creation and simply superb post. Thanks for sharing these useful tips and ideas with us. Well done!!

Yes you are right , living room is most public space so it should be unique , great blog , every interior designer should foll it , thanks to share it !

Nice post on interior designs, it is looking beautiful and colorful, thanks for the post.

Wow, that painted floor is something else. Has anyone tried that and liked the effect?

I am also looking for good tutorials on faux painting techniques before I start to overhaul my entire living room!

Wow, these are some amazing tips! I am in the process of remodeling, and I love some of these designs. I had never thought of an accent wall that wasn’t just another color. I’ll have to look into something like the molding shown in that photo. Thanks so much for writing, I am full of ideas now!

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