Manly Man Corners: From the Garage to the Movie Room

Manly Man Corners: From the Garage to the Movie Room

Every man dreams of his very own “man cave,” whether he deems that the garage or movie room is his own prerogative but that fact is, they need some type of masculine space, even if it is just a small corner. Αnd that is where today’s inspiration comes into play. From the garage to the movie room, we’ve found some manly decor that will help your brainstorming and creative process as you decide on how to adorn certain “man” spaces throughout the home. Take a look!

Check out this stylish, hipster space. For the musician of the family, this space taken out from the home office or study was made just for him to practice and lounge with his guitars.

Create a small cove in the garage for your man to create and mess around in. Whether it is working on the cars or making and creating his own furniture or models, it is like his own craft corner!

It does not have to be a mess of posters and baseball cards. Instead, make a subtle nod towards your sports interests by using a corner of the home office or bonus room to create a theme, in a fun and trendy way.

In the corner of your bedroom, carve out a spot just for him. He can display his watches, have a place to hold all of his stuff and just have a spot to call his own. Βut if he’s stylish enough, it can still be a great focal point of the bedroom!

Maybe he’s a reader, a writer or just likes his a lone time. Create a corner in the home office or bonus room that is just for him. Complete it with a comfy, yet sleek, leather recliner and trendy magazine rack.

What’s a movie room man cave without a concession stand? Use the space widely as you stick up with soda pops, a popcorn machine and lots of your favorite candy. you will have one heck of a movie night, every night.

Find a place for the computer and the man of the home will park it there. If he’s really into computer and gadgets that much, or uses them for work, you can still make sure the spot is stylish from the office chair to the desk!

Like we said, even if it is just a corner devoted to the man of the home, make it an amazing corner. Even if it is just to hold his books, make a statement like this pipe bookshelf does!

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