Mid-century modern Hairpin side tables

Mid-century modern Hairpin side tables

When youre a designer, the inspiration can come from where you least expect it to, like from a hairpin. These side tables are actually very stylish. They come in pairs of two and have a French style. They were inspired by the classic French hairpin leg tables have a mid−century modern look. The design of the tables is very simple and yet very charming.

The side tables feature a wooden table top slab with an apparently very intricate shape but that in fact have very natural look. They’re made from quality wood and have distinctive timeless design that instantly makes them a classic. They also have a modern touch and thus serve as very versatile pieces of furniture that would look beautiful in a variety of different decors, regardless of the style. They’re very simple and very delicate.

The side tables come in sets of two. The wooden table tops are handmade by master artisans and this makes each one of them unique. They’re entirely made by hand and present distinctive features. There are variations in terms of shape and details but these are all unique features and not imperfections. The tables can be bought at the special price of $199.00 and their approximate dimensions are 18″ l x 12″ w x 12.25″ h to 17″ h. Βoth the top and the base are unique and they form a very delicate and original structure.

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