Mix styles for a unique customized interior

Mix styles for a unique customized interior

Most often people have a hard time defining their own style. Its why its so difficult to choose the style for the interior dcor. It would be almost impossible to come up with a completely new style and to find all the elements you need to materialize it into your houses dcor. So a mix of styles sounds like a much better and simpler idea. Here are a few examples featuring interiors characterized by eclecticism.

This dining room has a dcor characterized by the constant balance between modern and traditional, casual and formal. The table has a simple, antique look while the chairs feature a tulip−inspired shape and a modern design. The chalkboard is also an unexpected element paired with candle holders and framed photos.

This is another dining room featuring a similar combination of styles. The antique buffet is complemented by various types of chairs and a minimalist contemporary table. The colors are also very nicely balanced.

This is a bedroom with an interesting eclectic interior. In this case we encounter a mix of masculine and feminine details. Notice the portraits displayed on the wall paired with that very chic, feminine chair and that elegant golden mirror.

This kitchen has an overall cohesive interior but its not actually featuring a well−defined style. It includes a farmhouse−style table paired with wooden folding chairs, traditional storage cabinets and metallic pendants. The combination of wooden elements and metal chairs, metallic pendants as well as the mix of light and dark tones is interesting as well.

Heres another kitchen, this time featuring a more striking mix of styles. Its a combination of antique and industrial details. The cupboards have beautiful carved details and have been combined with stainless steel workspaces and an ornate chandelier.

This house office has a very nicely balanced interior. It features a simple sofa with clean lines and a modern design as well a Persian rug placed on top of a simple beige rug. Theres also a Chinese garden stool used as a coffee table replacement.

This renovated open space kitchen and dining area also features an eclectic dcor. Notice the antique details on the furniture, the Mid−century modern chairs and the modern table. They might not have much in common but they form a cohesive dcor.

In this dining room we have a similar combination of styles. The antique pedestal dining table is very beautiful and has been paired with beautiful turquoise chairs that bring out its beauty. The rest of the dcor features a more modern approach.

This living room is a real treasure in terms of eclectic decors. It features a very interesting combination of industrial and classical elements and the result is a dcor thats both elegant and casual. Theres also an interesting mix of French, Αsian and Moroccan influences.

One of the most common combinations of styles is that of vintage and modern. This living room is a very nice example. It features a vintage cabinet, modern sofas and a traditional rug. Even though individually theyre very different, these styles work well together.

This kitchen also has a dcor based on contrasts of styles. In this case the differences are less subtle and the styles have been intentionally displayed separately. The rustic cabinets form a warm and inviting space while the modern kitchen island/bar makes the transition towards a simpler dcor.

Sometimes one key element is sufficient to add a strong foreign flavor to the dcor. For example, this space is defined by an overall simple, modern dcor. However, the pillar has a strong Mediterranean influence and this changes everything.

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