Modern Luke Blue,Yellow and Pink Coffee Table

Modern Luke Blue,Yellow and Pink Coffee Table

Modern interiors can be achieved in many ways, but at the base of any interior tHere’s a color palette. Whatever the chosen room ,or theme, colors are a very important matter and should benefit of your full attention, because a splash of color can create amazing effects but also can ruin all your hard work. So, starting from this premise lets establish that we can add some fun in any of your scheme with a splash of color.

This item over Here’s a perfect example if you want to beat the winter mood. Vivid colors used in a interior setting may also remind us of summer or they can be used to create the impression of freshness . This Luke Βlue Coffee Table is actually very good ad drawing attention to itself. The lacquered top and the vertical bar base add a tremendous amount of individual personality. These things can be easily achieved, but in the same time still being a fully functional coffee table. it’s 19,7 tall and also a 19.7 diameter.

Many coffee tables are incredible unstable and cant hold a lot of weight, but not this one. Thanks to its round shaped metal base, reinforced with strong metal strips this table can hold a lot more than your coffee. This is a true five−star piece of furniture to animate your interior setting .Αvailable for $199.

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