Modern, Vintage And Industrial Accents Share A Holiday Home

Modern, Vintage And Industrial Accents Share A Holiday Home

Featuring an array of rustic and vintage accents, this holiday home shares a strong connection with nature and the outdoor but not thanks to large windows and glass walls, although they too play an important role.

The interior was decorated using an array of reclaimed materials. The front door is made of salvaged pine wood and welcome everyone into a warm and inviting open floor plan. The kitchen, dining area and the living room share the same space. The different zones are visually separated through partial walls, curtains, furniture and accessories.

The living room is centered around a wooden low coffee table. Two sofas, with featuring a bit of modern flair and the other with a strong vintage vibe and complemented by armchairs and a chic side tables. they are all organized around a fireplace.

The dining space sits in a corner and the wood−paneled wall and the shelving unit offer it a private and more intimate feel. Α cluster of paper lanterns is hanging above the wooden table creating a chic but also casual look.

The kitchen is spacious and also has its own semi−private zone. The kitchen island doubles as a bar and is outfitted with vintage barstools. The modern amenities bring in a whole different style and the result is a harmonious eclectic dcor.

The bedroom looks very casual and relaxing. The chairs and side tables are quirky accents and the soft and textured area rug looks gorgeous on the tiled floor. Αnother really great element comes in the form of those heavy violet curtains and the thin metal rods that set a horizontal line along the walls, grounding the space.

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