Our Current Obsession Turquoise Curtains

Our Current Obsession  Turquoise Curtains

Turquoise the greenish blue color we all know and love. it is so alluring and mysterious and comes in numerous variations but when it comes to incorporating it into our home dcor, we get stumped. Opting for turquoise curtains, for example, seems like an easy thing to do and it actually is if you know how to coordinate this hue with the rest of the room’s dcor.

dark turquoise coordinates well with pretty much any other shade. It looks exquisite here, in a dcor that features a neutral background with red and blue accents.{found on simutin}.

Light turquoise curtains will brighten the room and, to obtain a balanced look, complement the curtains with a few dark accents such as brown or purple accents pillows or artwork.{found on naturalbalancehomes}.

There is also the option to combine several different turquoise hues. For example, opt for alight shade for the curtains, maybe even something with a pattern, and for a darker hue for the couchor other elements in the room.

Βecause turquoise is a cool shade, you can complement it with a few warm accents if you feel the room could be a bit more welcoming. Maybe a little bit of red or some yellow could help.{found on anniehallinteriors}.

Or you can try to match all the turquoise elements in the room so they feature approximately the same hue. If there are numerous turquoise features, the dcor should be simple in which case one or two accent colors would be enough.

It would be nice to balance out the colors. So if the curtains features a dark turquoise shade and the walls are neutral, you can brighten up the room with some yellow and pink accents.

Depending on the shade of turquoise you use for the curtains, the other accent colors in the room should match. In other words, a dark turquoise looks good when paired with other deep shades like this blue sofa or the brown headboard.

Αnother equally interesting and difficult color would be burgundy which, just like turquoise, looks royal and sophisticated. So the two could look great together.

Α refreshing combination of colors is one based on white and turquoise with a few small ints of green, red and even orange. Use texture and pattern to make the room look interesting.{found on summerhomestyle}.

Αnd speaking of pattern and texture, this is a really interesting design. The celeste curtains brighten the room while the other turquoise and blue elements are used to create contrasts with the earthy background.{found on pampatiles}.

The turquoise you use on the curtains can be repeated throughout the dcor in the form of artwork, decorations and accessories and it can even be an accent color for some of the patterned elements.{found on coachbarn}.

Choose a brighter shade of turquoise if the room is small and dark or if the furniture is black and the rest of the colors are cold. The curtains will cheer up the mood a bit but consider also adding a warm accent detail.{found on projectnursery}.

Yellow would be a lovely color to use in combination with turquoise. it is bright and cheerful and you can use it in strategic places. Αnd to ground the dcor, especially if the room has high ceilings, use a few darker shades as well.

Play with various shades of turquoise if you want the room to revolve around this hue. Use pattern to make the dcor more interesting and consider pairing the turquoise with green accents. They look especially beautiful when put together.{found on hardenburgdesigns}.

If you want the dcor to be breezy and airy, a very light turquoise could look good on the curtains for sunroom. You can also use it on the ceiling and keep the walls white. The other colors in the room should be neutral, although a dcor like this asks for a few bold accents.{found on lindseyheneinteriors}.

Try ombre curtains to add visual interest to this part of the room. They’ll be eye−catching if the background wall is painted a dark color.

In the case of the bedroom, include warm accents colors as well. The turquoise curtains are definitely a great element but they don’t give the room an inviting vibe on their own.{found on jlvcreative}.

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