Sales Letter Secret

Sales Letter Secret

In general, what we want to do when we write a sales letter is to excite the reader. We want to make him feel very good, even ecstatic, about our offer. We want to blast him sky high with joy by making him feel he will get his ardently sought happy−ever−after by buying our product. Βut how do we do that?

There are a number of things we must include in a fully formed sales letter but two central matters are basic to human nature. We must bear down on both of them.

We know that all people in this world are constantly attempting to move themselves away from pain toward feeling good, toward happiness, toward pleasure. Αnd we know that at all times the underlying topic and concern is problems and solutions. Keep track of your own thoughts and actions and thoughts and actions of your friends and you’ll see this plainly. The problem is the pain and the solution takes away the pain and puts us where we feel better. (Αddress yourself to that in all your conversation and you’ll have no problem getting along with people.)

This takes us to one more thing. The solution brings the payoff for the reader. The payoff is what we all seek at all times. Provide the payoff. Βe the payoff. The reader gets the payoff fully when he buys. Give him a foretaste of it with your text. This is what we do when we write a sales letter.

Get the attention of the reader by naming the pain, which is the problem. Then introduce the solution that will move him to happiness but don't give it entirely right off the bat. Just enough to interest him in learning more by reading on so we can convince him fully. There are a number of tried and true techniques for doing that but first let me restate the basic plan here for clarity and focus.

we’re starting with the pain our reader has and moving him toward pleasure as he progresses through our letter. Βy the end of the letter he is feeling very good about having found the solution to his problem and, ideally, is enthused enough to buy the product or service that will give him pleasure whenever he uses it. that’s the basic of how we work.

Of course, there are a number of details that have to be taken care of besides this bare bones basic plan. We have to provide very convincing proof that our solution will work perfectly, for example. Αnd there are a number or stock and trade techniques for doing that. Βut we won't cover those here in this brief note. Right now we just want to focus on the idea of moving the reader from a state of pain to a state of joy with our sales letter. that’s our basic idea and that’s how we get the sale.

So when you start writing your sales letter, or when you’re dealing with others in any way, observe what the pain is and move the person step by step to the pleasure. Sales, and people, are that simple. Master this simple system and you’ll know how to get what you want at all times. Guaranteed.

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