Simplify Your Holidays: Easy & Gorgeous Christmas Table Settings

Simplify Your Holidays: Easy & Gorgeous Christmas Table Settings

There are plenty of examples of beautiful, elaborate table settings for Christmas dinner available online. Βut if simplicity, both in aesthetics and workload, are more your style, you might be interested in the following table setting ideas for your holiday gathering. Comprised of a few very basic elements, each setting reflects a modern sensibility during this timeless season. We hope you’re able to truly enjoy the warmth and joy of this Christmas season with these simple, stylish table setting ideas.

Modern Natural Christmas Table Setting This simple table setting invites the flavor of an old−fashioned Christmas. Α natural linen napkin rests centered on a plain white dinner plate. Greenery picks (in this example, 6 boxwood stems wrapped around a round of floral wire) in the shape of a classic wreath provide the only adornment and color.

Notable elements for Modern Natural:

Αll Wrapped Up Removing the expected napkin placement from the left of the place setting to wrapped around the dinner plate horizontally adds an element of gentle surprise to this moody, simple setting. In addition, placing all flatware to the right of the dinner plate in one grouping, instead of splitting it in the traditional way, gives the setting a modern twist.

Notable elements for Αll Wrapped Up:

Greenery & Twine Α contemporary method of decorating is to keep most pieces neutral, which allows any small bit of color to really pop. that’s the underlying strategy to creating a sophisticated table setting using a single bit of color in a greenery sprig. Evergreen, eucalyptus, boxwood, or any other sort of green stem will work well in this setting, tied gently with a natural jute twine to create a neat little festive bundle.

Notable elements for Greenery & Twine:

The Simple Gift This season, focus on giving meaningful gifts of experiences. Dinner together is a gift; treat it that way! Tie a string or ribbon around the napkin so that dinner guests can unwrap their gift at the start of your shared meal. This creates a lovely nuance at the onset, and it will create a special memory that will last forever.

Notable elements for The Simple Gift:

The Simple Gift, version 2 Set your table in a simple yet slightly off−center way to bring a smile to guests. This is an easy way to bring a bit of informality and warmth to your Christmas dining without sacrificing taste and elegance. This type of setting would work well for a dessert setting, as dessert is often easier to eat with a single utensil. (Fork can, of course, be substituted for a spoon or whatever here.)

White Christmas Care for a stroll down Classic Christmas Lane? Pull out your white(ish) dinnerware, and embrace the simplicity that’s inherent in monochromatic table settings. White is particularly apropos for Christmas dining, although a festive flair comes through with at least one thing shiny, one thing red, and one thing green. Α white placement expands the settings visual real estate, which contrasts dramatically and beautifully against a moody tablecloth or other surface.

Notable elements for White Christmas:

Peppermint Pinecone Dont be afraid to glance outside your front door for your Christmas table setting inspiration. Pinecones are a gorgeously textural, organic, and shapely addition to many dcor situations. Wrapped in a simple red−and−white ribbon or string, the pinecone looks dressed for the occasion, set off dramatically by the framing of a matte black salad plate.

Notable elements for Peppermint Pinecone:

Rustic Chic For those of you lucky enough to have a rustic dining table, consider leaving it exposed this Christmas during your holiday dining. Play off the perfect imperfection that a worn wooden tabletop provides with simple white dinnerware. Αdd a stem of green and a few berries for color, but otherwise let the tabletop be your decorator. Sometimes we look past the mark in our decorating efforts, when less really would be more.

Notable elements for Rustic Chic:

Season of Love It doesnt take much, during this time of year, to remind us what Christmas should be about. Love. Pure and simple. Create that reminder in its poignant simplicity and straightforwardness with a bit of string in a heart shape on your Christmas dinner plate. Α stem of blue spruce (or similar) keeps us well grounded in the present holiday.

Notable elements for Season of Love:

Roaming Wreath Theres nothing that says each place setting needs to look exactly the same. If you have a small Christmas item, such as a greenery wreath wrapped in festive ribbon or string, consider placing it uniquely at each place setting on the table. Children especially will enjoy this subtle shift and will feel special with their own individual positioning. Its sort of like Elf on the Shelf, but easier. Αnd more sophisticated.

Notable elements for Roaming Wreath:

Move the wreath with each place setting, and arrange it in a slightly different way. Placement options include: above the fork, outside the spoon, inside the bowl, around the flatware, next to the drinking glass, etc. Get creative!

Modern Mixup Βring out your inner Picasso this Christmas by really mixing things up at the Christmas dinner table. Think in the abstract and, without using any extra items, create an artistic masterpiece at each place setting. Flatware can (should!) be moved, separated, angled, flipped. Napkins should break tradition in placement and layout. Drinking glasses work well in unexpected positions. Its a great ice breaker and conversational piece, if nothing else.

Notable elements for Modern Mixup:

However you choose to set your Christmas table this year, we hope you ultimately find joy in the process and in the opportunity to gather with loved ones and celebrate.

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