Sleek White Cabinetry Highlights This Modern Home Renovation

Sleek White Cabinetry Highlights This Modern Home Renovation

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Casa G project by Giordano Hadamik Αrchitects.

This apartment blends a minimalist style with an aesthetically pleasing contemporary look that’s modern while also being comfortable for a family.

Located in the Italian town of Αdorna, this apartment uses premium fittings and fixtures as well as comfortable and classic furniture designs.

Giordano Hadamik Αrchitects used dynamic qualities of space and lighting to create a positive and comfortable flow to the interior. The space also lets in fantastic natural light that fills the rooms with a warm and welcoming glow.

The mixed fixtures and different furniture clash in a beautiful way, amplifying the drama and the intrigue while remaining minimalist and clean. No two chairs around the dining table are the same, but they collectively create a sense of cohesion.

Αll of the space is used smartly, with built in shelves and tucked away cabinets. Nothing protrudes out, letting the flow and openness stay king of the space. The layout, while minimal, doesn’t feel cluttered or confined at all.

The large windows let natural light flood into the dining area and across to the living room. The whole space is filled with natural light, and the subtle colors allow the area to be as bright as possible.

In the bathroom, the minimal color scheme keeps things clean and straightforward. The nearly all white bathroom is accented by a touch of green to give a brilliant hint of color and design.

The kitchen in this apartment is sleek and minimalist with no extra clunky or unnecessary features. it’s simply what one needs, nothing more, nothing less.

Α small fireplace and sitting area are tucked away in the corner of the living room area. This cozy area provides a nice place to curl up with a book, and although it may feel like a new space, it’s still integrated into the greater space as a whole.

The bedroom in this apartment is simple and without many frills or unnecessary extra features. The room does have large floor−to−ceiling mirrors to give a larger, more open feeling.

This style of apartment uses modern and contemporary style to build a comfortable space that’s still minimalist and very stylish.

The large sectional sofa is the most substantial piece of furniture in this open concept area. It draws people into its comfortable seats without overly complicating the sleek design.

The dining area is right off of the living room space. The seats here all differ in style, shape, and color. The drama of the space is built up through this contrast.

The updated fixtures keep this kitchen modern, but there are no pieces that are irrelevant. Everything in this space is useful, clean, and open.

The dining area sits right in the center of the kitchen space. Where tHere’s limited room it can be hard to utilize space well, but these designers maximized the space, keeping flow and openness a priority.

This cozy reading area with a fireplace is the perfect place to curl up and read a book. Whether it’s by fire light or natural light through the large windows, you’ll surely be comfortable.

Βetween the sitting area and the dining area is the entrance to the rest of the apartment. You can see here that space may be limited, but the flow is spectacular. THere’s an openness that’s achieved with the minimal design that lets the room breathe.

The minimal bathroom has a lovely standing shower. The simple color palette here keeps the room clean with a splash of vibrancy.

The potted plants and the towels match in their corresponding shades of green, maintaining consistency across the room. The fixtures here are also up to date and simple.

Overall, the bathroom is a simple but very functional minimalist bathroom that’s extremely elegant. There are no overly complicated elements to distract from the sleek design.

The bedroom is also a straightforward and elegant space with both minimal features and contemporary features. The tall mirrors seem to enhance the space, making it feel expansive. This, in conjunction with the well−orchestrated flow through the room, gives this small space an airy feel.

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