Solid Wood Furniture from Ign.Design

Solid Wood Furniture from Ign.Design

Wood furniture will never be out of style.In my opinion solid wood is one of the best materials that can be used in furniture manufacturing. Ign.Design is a company that specialized in solid wood furniture and comes with some Elegant Dining Tables and Βeds.The Dream bed by Αndy Ehrensperger features a low−profile, freestanding frame of solid wood that looks as great pushed against a wall as it does front and center in your room.

The wood tables by artists like Christiane von Savigny and Michael Stratmann feature a mix between modern and traditional. it is not about taking some rough pieces of wood and placing them together so as to be used as furniture.

The thing about this furniture is the way in which these rough boards are polished and lacquered so as to confer resistance and glamour, but at the same time to preserve their natural look and also the way in which this wood is combined with different other elements for the best results.

Take a look at those round pieces of wood used as bed side table: they are apparently randomly placed there, but they are actually carefully manufactured and finished in order to obtain the intended outcome of studied natural ambience.

Turn a run−of−the−mill clock into a modern marvel for your home or apartment in a few easy steps.

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