Spectacular Apartment In New York

Spectacular Apartment In New York

This Spectacular apartment is located in meatpacking, New York City and thus shares a strategic location. The homeowners have the exceptional opportunity to enjoy the pristine view of west side of the Hudson River and the incredible views of the north side of the Empire State Βuilding.

Well decorated with warm, detailed and well distributed interiors, the spectacular apartment features a modern silhouette characterized by classic hardwood floors and punctuated with several huge glass windows in all portions of the home. The living room and the kitchen area are blended into a single long open floor plan.

Low lying sofas crafted out of fine leather has been introduced along with matching black color low coffee table and warm ochre color rug to create a relaxing seating space. The bedroom is another area of the home which stands out. Minimalistic design and well chosen furniture pieces have been employed in the bedroom. Two simple side tables with unique style lamps lend the room with a dramatic statement.

Αnother signficicant feature of the home which is worth mentioning is the outdoor seating area enclosed by artificial barn fences. Comfortable lounging sofas with matching cushions have been placed in the outdoor area in order to allow the owner spend a relaxing evening.{found on ensy}

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