Stylish dining room dcor ideas for a memorable dining experience

Stylish dining room dcor ideas for a memorable dining experience

Its true that dining at a restaurant and dining at house are two completely experiences but this doesnt mean you cant enjoy special and memorable moments in the comfort of your own house, without the presence of other persons except your loved ones. Dinner experiences at house feel more intimate and they can take all sorts of forms. Βut for that you also need a proper dcor. Lets take a look at a few examples.

If you want to have the same feeling of freedom and openness that you have in a restaurant, you can try to organize your dining area in a space that has access to the outdoor or that at least features a large window or glass door. This way you can admire the surroundings at all times. Αnd if the room feels too small or too narrow you can solve that problem with a large wall mirror.

Α room with high ceilings would also be great to have dinner in. High ceilings tend to make a room feel more dramatic and you can increase this feel with the help of an oversized chandelier hanging above the dining table and some chic furniture. The color palette from this example is very beautiful and balanced and its interesting that all the colors are cold and yet they create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere.

If you prefer something a little more pompous than you can go either with something gothic or a combination of rich colors and textures. This dining room is indeed impressive. The color palette of the room has been reduced mostly to peacock blue and gold, two complementary colors that result in an almost royal look.

For something more simple and contemporary, a minimalist, round dining table with a glossy black finish and some high−back chairs with grey upholstery would look beautiful in a room with black accent walls, grey curtains and a few mood wall lights to complement a stylish chandelier. Its intimate and its elegant but without being very eye−catching.

This very chic dining room was built around the turquoise dinner plates. This shows that you can come up with a complete interior dcor for a room even when your inspiration is small and all it has to offer is color and maybe even texture. To complement the dinner plates, a series of turquoise accent pieces were also chosen, such as the lamps, curtains and the vase. Then a complementary color appeared: silver.

Colors like white and blue can be very refreshing and beautiful but They’re cold colors so theyre not the best choice if you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your dining room. For that you could reorient towards colors such as brown, beige, yellow or red. In this example we have a very comfortable−looking dining area. To complement that image, a glamorous chandelier was chosen to hang above the table.

This is a dining area thats part of an open floor plan. However, even without room dividers, the specific areas and functions are well−delimitated. The dining space is composed of a beautiful, minimalist dining table with a rectangular, transparent glass top. Its complemented by a series of comfortable and elegant chairs with beige upholstery that matched the rug perfectly. The oversized mirror makes the space seem bigger and the atmosphere feel more airy.

If you want to add an accent element to your dining room but you want something more original, you could choose to turn your ceiling into a work of art. Were not talking about elaborate paintings or graffiti but about something simpler. You could either paint stripes on the ceiling or choose a more eye−catching pattern. Then you can also add the usual accent pieces: a beautiful chandelier, a mirror and maybe even a vase with beautiful flowers.

It would be perfect if you could organize your dining area near a large window. The panoramic views would make a wonderful background for the dcor. This dining room is very stylish. It has a modern dcor and its simple but has a few accent pieces that make it stand out, such as that wonderful chandelier or the artwork. The color palette is also very elegant.

Even though black seems like a very strong color it can be very elegant sometimes. For example, a black dining room would actually look very beautiful if decorated properly. Here, for example, we have a dining room with black floors, black, high−back chairs and a black accent wall with beautiful textured wallpaper. Βut even so the room is not dark and depressing. The minimalist wood table and the large windows but also the white ceiling and the mirror managed to balance the dcor.

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