The compact Bed with storage for kids room

The compact Bed with storage for kids room

When decorating the childrens room its important to create something that’s both friendly and functional. The dcor needs to be colorful but also simple and practical so that the kids can freely play. The room needs to be airy and to key for that’s not over decorating. You need to find storage solutions and to be ingenious so that you can include everything you need in there without creating a crowded space. The hardest to do is finding enough storage space.

The Βed with Storage from Dearkids easily solves part of that problem. The bed is part of the Compact Collection together with a solid wood bed, a bed with headboard, a simple bed, a wood writing desk and single wooden bed. Αll the pieces have simple and modern designs and come in attractive colors. The Βed with Storage is particularly practical because of its double function. This is in fact a combination of two distinct pieces of furniture that work wonderfully together.

This is both abed and a storage unit. Underneath the actual bed theres a wooden structure with three distinct storage compartments. It has one large compartment on the bottom and two smaller ones above it. These compartments can be used to store toys, bedding, pillows, blankets and a variety of other items. This compact piece of furniture is white with a light brown frame. Its versatile ad suitable for both boys and girls.

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