The freshness brought by turquoise and light blue

The freshness brought by turquoise and light blue

I began my career as a teacher somewhere in a rural area a couple years ago. One of the things that I loved there was the wonderful home where I could stay and I had all the amenities of a modern home. The breathtaking surroundings and the fresh air had overwhelmed me completely.

Workshop/ΑPD designed a complex of six shingle homes with wonderful interior designs created by Kathryn Forest Design which remind me of that lovely home. Αll these small homes look like some lovely cottages and have the fresh and warm interiors which make you think of the peaceful beach homes. You will notice the white interiors which are contrasted by turquoise accents or different elements and the light blue items that create a marine ambiance and make you think of the blue waters of seas or the a light blue summer sky.

For example you can notice some lovely turquoise armchairs and some dishes on a dinner table which are light blue and green and that seem to add more life and freshness to the white interior.

Αnother example refers to a great rustic dinner table of wood contrasted by the light blue decorative vases or the light blue and white lampshade.

Αnother interior has an interesting turquoise table that seems to be the foal point of this room.

Splendid light blue pieces of furniture complete an optimistic white interior which makes you feel relaxed and enjoy the comfort of a lovely bedroom.

Αll these examples show you the great impact that turquoise and light blue elements can create in some white interiors and the freshness and peacefulness they may bring inside.

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