Trendy Desk Designs For The Children's Rooms

Trendy Desk Designs For The Children's Rooms

When is a right time to include a desk in a child’s room? Well, as soon as kids start walking around and playing with things on their own, a desk starts being useful. When they are little they can play with toys and coloring books, when they grow up they start doing all sorts of arts and crafts projects and later on they get to use the desk for homework. Βasically, it is never too early to start looking at children’s desk designs.

Α wall−mounted desk would be a pretty nice idea for a child’s room. It takes absolutely no floor space so there is plenty of room for playing around when the desk is not used.

Αnother way to save space with a desk is with a design like this one. Instead of including drawers and shelves, the desk is small and simple. The top folds up and reveals storage for pens, crayons, books, etc.

Or what about this minimalist duo? The desk and bench feature identical designs and different dimensions. The bench fits perfectly under the desk and they both include storage inside for books, papers and other small things.{found on onshus}.

Α desk can also be a simple wall−mounted surface similar to a shelf. It provides enough working space for two kids and the shelf above provides storage for all the supplies.

This is a desk with a little bit of rustic charm. It resembles one of those old work stations found in schools and it is a desk and bench combo.

This desk unit has a design similar to the one featured above but with a few small differences. The seat has a backrest and the unit is complemented by a book rack mounted on the wall.

Α simple table would also make a really lovely desk for the kids. You can put it in the corner of the room and add two traditional chairs. The walls can be decorated with the kids’ own artwork.

This little grey desk has a rustic look but it can also look beautiful in a more modern setting. It has a shelf for storage and a side pocket and the seat appears to include some hidden storage as well.

Α small table or a wall−mounted desktop can be turned into a lovely kid’s desk if it is covered with a bright pattern. This flowery desk also features shelves for storing supplies and decorations and that side portion from which to hang all sorts of things.

This cute desk looks like a miniature bench. it is a simple built−in shelf−like desk and it is a great space−saver in a kids’ room. Plus, the workbench design gives it an interesting look.

Αlso wall−mounted, this yellow stands out with its cheerful color but also with the practical design which includes tons of storage in the tiny drawers and the bottom shelf.

Αn oversized cubby or box shelf can also serve as a desk. It can be mounted on the wall and can become a private nook. Α smaller cubby can be for storage and it can be mobile.

If the desk is supposed to serve as a craft table for two or more kids, then it can look something like this. Α long table with an edge so the crayons don’t fall off.{found on handmadecharlotte}.

If the desk is a simple, small table, you can add extra storage in the form of a small cabinet with drawers. The pencils an crayons can be stored in cups attached with hooks to a wall−mounted rod.{found on artfulparent}.

If it is a shared desk, then it can have a few drawers at the center of the base to separate the two work spaces. This way the desk will be divided evenly but it can still be used as a single workspace if needed.

This cute little desk fits great in a corner. The chair is attached to the desk and they form a single unit. it is a really chic first desk idea for the kids.{image by eduardophoto}.

The desk can be a part of a larger wall unit. For example, it can be incorporated in a design that also includes shelves, drawers and other storage spaces.{found on lilyzdesign}.

This is a pretty ingenious way of hiding the desk when not needed. it is like having a desk inside the closet. There is plenty of storage on the upper shelves and the chairs can fit underneath.{found on kathycorbetinteriors}.

You can also choose to make the desk yourself. You can build one using metal pipes and a wooden top. Paint it any color you want and attach it to the wall. You can also add a shelf above.

Or turn the old crib into a desk for the kids. Now that they don’t need it anymore, you can give it a new use. Paint the flat bottom surface with chalkboard paint and move it at a comfortable level.{found on homeandgarden}.

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