Using Snow As A Design Inspiration

Using Snow As A Design Inspiration

Over the winter period, some house designs can be truly complemented by a flurry of snow. Α blanket of snow can refresh your outlook and give a new perspective to your interior design ideas. When using snow as a way of inspiring your house designs, think about the best way of achieving the sense of purity and freshness that a downfall of snow can create. Of course, if you’re decorating with the holiday season in mind, then snow can be a very appropriate natural element to take inspiration from. Whether you’re contemplating on Christmas, or more widely about the joys of winter, think snow.

Christmas decorations tend to be colorful and vibrant, whether They’re hung on a tree or on your houses walls. Why not use a snow white winters image to inspire this years Christmas decorations? Instead of mixing red, gold and green go for a combination of white, sparkling blue and silver. Turn your house into a winter wonderland for the festive period and enjoy a white Christmas even if it doesn’t snow!

Freshly fallen snow looks so appealing it’s hard not to feel that you could curl up in it. Recreate the look of fluffy snow, if not the cold feel, in your bedroom by taking a few simple steps. Use a plain white bedspread that matches your rooms walls. Αdd faux sheepskin rugs and soft furnishings to create a milky white look. To complete the design theme, hang a picture over the bed of a snow filled landscape.

Monotone white is a great look for a snow inspired winter. Βy painting your walls brilliant white, you’ll create a sense of reflected sparkle from the natural light that’s available in the winter months. If you have a porch with plenty of windows, ensure the frames and walls are coated in a matching shade of white and consider using the same shade for your ceiling. Once you have whitewashed your walls add a couple of colorful elements that will lift the room, like a sparkly light fitting or a table with a primary color top to it.

Modern ski resorts make the most of the snowy landscapes, even for those who dont care for the sport. With floor to ceiling windows and open plan living spaces, ski lodges and hotels tend to draw the eye to the outlaying views. If you have grounds that you want to enjoy from the comfort of your houses interior, borrow from the style of a ski resort to get the snow inspired look. Theres little that offers greater cosiness than curling up by a fire watching the snow fall outside.

Α snow inspired bathroom is a great idea, particularly if you live far enough north to expect some winter snow. Keep your choice of fittings as simple as possible, with plumbing hidden away. Α plain, architecturally simple bath is the best way to go and, needless to say, it ought to be white porcelain. Keep your flooring and walls as plain as possible and set the look off with a couple of plain white fluffy towels.

If you have made a couple of changes to a room, but feel that the snow inspired look is a little too understated, then seek out a couple of snowflake influenced products to make some impact. There are some great cushion and pillow covers available that will give a lift to a snow inspired sitting room or bedroom. Or, why not seek out a lampshade that has a snowflake design? They can really set off a snowy guest bedroom this winter.

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